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  • Korean Trot Singer Kang Hye Yeon's Latest Cover Brings Attention To Lonely Single Mothers
    Many single mothers struggle with trying to make ends meet because their husband left them with a child to raise on their own. South Korean pop sensation Kang Hye Yeon brings awareness to women in this very unfortunate situation with her new wonderfully performed cover of the tradition Korean trot song "Golden Grass - Mother's Song" (금잔디 - 엄마의 노래).
  • YooA Bon Voyage Plymouth Theme Now Available
    South Korean pop idol YooA, from the popular group Oh My Girl, is making waves with her wonderful new Bon Voyage solo-single. YooA was born on September 17th, 1995 so we made a Bon-Voyage-themed Plymouth boot splash theme as a birthday-present. The "Yooa-BonVoyage" Plymouth theme features YooA in one of the promotional Bon Voyage pictures released by her record company.
  • K-Pop Fans Are Outraged Over The 2020 Idol Star Athletics Championship Taking Place Without A Live Audience
    This years Idol Star Athletics Championship will take place during the Chuseok (추석) Korean Harvest festival holiday from September 30th to October 2nd this year. The event will take place without a live audience due to concerns over this springs slightly worse than average seasonal cold. Many Korean idol fans are very dissatisfied with this decisions.
  • Twice Fanfare Contest: Find The Missing Twice Member
    The South Korean all-girl pop group Twice is currently holding a fanfare contest at one of their Korean fan sites. The objective is to find out which of the nine members are missing from a picture where each member, except one, is repeated numerous times. You will be able to see which member is missing if you have a clear mind and you patiently study the picture.
  • Second Mini Album "Dear My Color" From Korean Pop Sensation 보라미유 (Boramiyu) Is Released And It Is Wonderful
    The second mini-album from Korean solo artist 보라미유 (Boramiyu) starts off with the very soothing and charming song love song "우리가 틀렸던 건 아닐 거야". The mini-albums second song, 10분 전, is a very happy and cheerful song which shines with wonderful vocal performance. It just gets better from there.
  • Sunmi's fabulous song "Gashina" has reached 100 million views on YouTube
    Sunmi's had a string of great songs topping the charts the last few years including "24 Hours", "Heroine", "Siren" and "Gashina". Most of them have been seen by about 50 million views. It turns out "Gashina" is the most popular of her hits and it has now passed the 100 million view milestone.
  • Tracklist for WJSN's upcoming album "For The Summer" revealed
    WJSN For The Summer.jpg
    WJSN's new mini-album will be released on the 4th of June. The title track will be named "Boogie Up" and it is composed by "Wonderkid". It is followed by "눈부셔", "My Type", "우리끼리" and Sugar Pop. Only the fourth track "My Type" is composed by one of their regularly used composers so this album could be a bit unique compared to most of WJSNs previous albums.
  • New WJSN album "For The Summer" coming in 7 days
    Poplar pop-group WJSN (우주소녀) will be releasing a new album named "For The Summer" just a week from now. We can hardly wait.
  • K-Pop group Pristin has disbanded
    Pledis Entertainment has ended their contracts with the individual members of Pristin after just two years. It's over, there will be no more Wee Woo from Pristin.