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SuperTux is a typical 2D platform game which is very similar to the popular Super Mario Brother series from Nintendo. You play Tux, the Linux mascot, instead of Mario and you're trying to rescue Penny, not a princess. Oh, and you're in Antarctica. That's about it when it comes to major differences between SuperTux and Super Mario.

Graphics and gameplay

The graphics is fine, it is actually quite good for a game like this. It's not all that impressive compared to modern 3D fps games but it's good for a 2D sidescroller game.

Gameplay's what you would expect for a Super Mario clone. There's blocks you can destroy and sometimes there's hidden items in them. Some boxes are marked with question-marks and items appear when you bounce on these blocks. There's coins to collect and power-ups to be had. It's basically Super Mario in a slightly different setting.

It's quite fun if you like 2D platform games.

Hardware Requirements

Anything capable of rendering OpenGL graphics will run SuperTux just fine. It's playable on a Raspberry Pi.

Verdict and conclusion

It's a fine free game and the latest version, 0.62 released May 2020, is available in all the Linux distributions repositories. It is definitively worth installing. It isn't fantastic compared to many of the modern games you can get from Steam but it's open source and free. It is quite good for what it is: A Super Mario clone with more updated modern graphics.


SuperTux's homepage is at and the source-code is at

There is active development but there really isn't that much new since the 0.6.2 release so the distribution's version will be fine, there's no need to download and compile the source. There are also Flatpak and AppImage versions available in case some odd distribution doesn't have it in their repositories (we are not aware of any that don't).



8 months ago
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The latest version is now 0.62, released in May 2020. They have Appimages and Flatpaks available.
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