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Gbrainy is a challenging brain teaser game with a large amount of logic puzzles, memory trainers, calculation puzzles and verbal challenges. It will time your answers and present statistics showing how many answers you got right and how much time you spent.

Gbrainy as first released back in 2007. It's author Jordi Mas has been adding puzzles and challenges ever since.

Features and usability


Gbrainy is fun and strait-forward to use. Just start it and click All to get puzzles from all the categories or click a category like Memory if you only want memory-training challenges.

The game's author promises that you will "have fun and to keep your brain trained." This claim does hold water, Gbrainy really is quite fun and it's puzzles absolutely do challenge your brain.



Gbrainy is the kind of game you can end up spending hours playing if you enjoy mental challenges. There's a lot of different challenges in each category and all of them require some pondering. It may look like "simple" program when you first start it, there's not much to the interface. You will quickly discover that there's more to this game than just a row of categories, the amount and variety of puzzles in each category is what makes this game so interesting and challenging.

Gbrainy is absolutely worth a try if you enjoy brain-teasers. However, it may not be for you if you prefer dumbing yourself down with television.

All the distributions have a version of Gbrainy in their repositories. Just install it using your distributions standard method of acquiring software. There is also a Windows build available from sourceforge.