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Kim Ye-rim (김예림), better know as Yeri from the wonderful South Korean k-pop group Red Velvet, was born on March 5th 1999. It's not yet March 5th in most of the world but it is March 5th in South Korea. That makes today Yeriday! We wish Yeri a happy birthday and a happy Yeriday.

written by 윤채경 (Yoon Chae-kyung)  2021-03-04 - last edited 2021-03-04. © CC BY

Yeri birthday.jpeg
It's Yeris birthday!!

Kim Ye-rim (김예림) joined the South Korean pop group Red Velvet on March 10th, 2015.

Yeri has had a wonderful and very successful since her rise to fame as a novice Red Velvet member in 2015. She briefly hosted the popular k-pop TV show Show! Music Core on MBC from May 9th to November 14th 2015.

Yeri manages to pull off many differents looks.

Yeri was the female lead in the musicvideo "Way Back Home" by J-Min and Shim Eun-jee and she composed and co-penned the wonderful track "Talking" by Ragoon.

Yeri inspecting a red mailbox.

Yeri has had her own very successful TV show called Yeri's Room since June 2020. A number of prominent guests such as Twice member Nayeon have been on that show.

Yeri and IU.jpeg
Kim Ye-rim (김예림), aka Yeri, and Lee Ji-eun (이지은, aka IU)

The kind of things Yeri has achieved at such a young age is commendable and she's only going to grow more from now on. We are beyond proud of her and we serenely wish Yeri a very happy birthday and more success in the future.

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If you look at the front page, the first thing we inform you of is that we are

"Your source for GNU/Linux news, reviews and HOWTO guides. And some K-pop news too."

This is K-pop news. Though I do admit that Yeri isn't a Linux user.
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