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Teeworlds 0.7.5
Teeworlds 0.7.5
Developer(s)Magnus Auvien & Community
Stable release
0.7.5 / May 31, 2020; 18 months ago (2020-05-31)
Written inC/C++/Python
Operating systemLinux, Windows, macOS
Available inEnglish, Korean, German, Chinese, Russian, and many more
TypeRetro multiplayer shooter
LicenseCC-BY-SA 3.0
Beach tee no sky.png

Teeworlds is a FOSS retro multiplayer puzzle and shooter game with an active community. You control a Tee character, and usually work with others to solve different missions. Teeworlds supports both English and Korean, with 500+ players online most days.



Vanilla game types

Teeworlds offers a variety of different basic game types that are summarized as vanilla game types.

Vanilla game types are the following:

  • DM - Death Match
  • TDM - Team Death Match
  • LMS - Last Man Standing
  • LTS - Last Team Standing
  • CTF - Capture The Flag

The primarily played vanilla game type is CTF, a highly competitive and highly complex game mode due to the amount of the different available weapons and their different play styles. Contrary to the competitive game types, there are also race and puzzle game types. These are either solo or DDRace, also called Dummy Drag Race, which involves components that require at least a team of two players to be able to complete the map.

The game is a big community effort which can be seen by the large amount of modded game servers and modded game types. All of the servers are run by individuals, clans or mod groups, who together make up the Teeworlds community. Game types which are not part of the vanilla types are called modded servers with unique adventurous aspects.

Many users play these kind of teamwork puzzle servers, which are great for beginners.

As a Tee, you have access to a Gun, Hammer, and a Grappling hook.

Tool Usage Image
Gun Shoot other Tees! (To kill them)
Teeworld Gun.png
Hammer Whack other Tees! (To kill them, or push them away)
Teeworld Hammer.png
Hook Pull other Tees (or yourself)!
Teeworld Hook.png

There are also other collectible objects in game, with varying purposes. Mostly to kill other Tees, though. The collectibles can be divided into three categories, weapons, flags and pickups.

  • Flags - Flags are used in CTF game types
  • Weapons - Depending on the game type there are either all, a few or only a single weapon available on a server. The number of available weapons is also depending on the played map which can be designed not to spawn weapons at all.
  • Pickups - Pickups are either Hearts or Shields. Hearts and shields make up your total health that together protects you from being killed by opponent players.

Modded game types

DDNet / DDRace

Tees completing puzzle.png
Players working together to complete a puzzle. Teeworlds v0.7.5 - Map Multeasymap

Teeworlds has significant depth, with thousands of hours worth of gameplay. However, popular modded client and server DDNet allow access to even more game servers and game modes. DDNet is a mature and the biggest community of Teeworlds that resolves around the DDRace game type. It provides different servers with different difficulties that can be seen in the server names, which range from Novice to Insane. New players are often less overwhelmed by playing on a DDRace Novice server because it allows them to get the gist of the basic movement mechanics before being thrown in a battlefield in a vanilla kind of game type.

Verdict And Conclusion

Teeworlds has an active and growing community, with new maps and mods coming out all the time. From graphics to music, the game is polished and delivers a smooth and fun experience throughout. While the game is definitely better with friends, the online community and chat are friendly to beginners too. Overall, it's a fantastic free game to add to your collection!


Teeworlds is in most distros repositories; installation is as easy as sudo apt install teeworlds (or equivalent for your distro). If it's not in your repository, Teeworlds has a Downloads page, and is distributed via Flatpak. Teeworlds is also available on Steam.


Homepage: https://www.teeworlds.com/

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