Korean Trot Singer Kang Hye Yeon's Latest Cover Brings Attention To Lonely Single Mothers

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Many single mothers struggle with trying to make ends meet because their husband left them with a child to raise on their own. South Korean pop sensation Kang Hye Yeon brings awareness to women in this very unfortunate situation with her new wonderfully performed cover of the tradition Korean trot song "Golden Grass - Mother's Song" (금잔디 - 엄마의 노래).

written by 윤채경 (Yoon Chae-kyung)  2020-09-25 - last edited 2020-09-25. © CC BY


South Korean pop sensation has been Kang Hye Yeon has been making solo-covers of traditional Korean trot songs after themore mainstream pop group BESTie was disbanded in 2018. Her latest superbly performed cover "Golden Grass - Mother's Song" (금잔디 - 엄마의 노래) brings attention to the hardships and the loneliness many single mothers experience.


처음으로 느껴보았던 당신의 사랑 앞에서
그리움과 외로움이 낙엽처럼 쌓여만 가네
더 이상은 갈 수 없는 슬픈 사랑이었다면
차라리 맺지 말지 정은 왜 주고
아~ 유리벽 사랑 내 어이 너를 잊을 수 있나

가슴으로 느껴보았던 뜨거운 사랑 앞에서
내 모든 걸 다 주었다 아낌없이 다 주었는데
더 이상은 갈 수 없는 슬픈 사랑이었다면
이제는 떠나야지 아무 말없이
아~ 타인의 사랑 내 어이 너를 잊을 수 있나

In front of your love that I felt for the first time
Longing and loneliness are piled up like fallen leaves
If it was a sad love that couldn't go anymore
Why don’t you give me a feeling?
Ah~ I love the glass wall, can I forget you

In front of the hot love I felt with my heart
I gave all of me
If it was a sad love that couldn't go anymore
Now I have to leave without saying anything
Ah~ the love of others, can I forget you

Kang Hye Yeon has a YouTube channel where you can find more of her wonderful covers at www.youtube.com/channel/UCKdOqSsLXwMFyOMf5iy8ADQ.

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