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LinuxReviews stores as little information about our visitors as possible. We use the free software MediaWiki content management system which does store some information about our users such as what user-name did which edits. This information is publicly available on our site.

We do not collect any data beyond what the free software MediaWiki content management system collects ourselves. However, this website does have third party advertisements from Google Adsense which means that you will get served JavaScript and cookies from them.

Third Party Tracking

This website has JavaScript provided by Google AdSense which is used to serve advertising. You can turn those scripts off by installing a browser extension like Ublock Origin. They are also not shown to users who login.

Google will ask your web browser software to store cookies so they can track and serve you personalized advertisements. You can deny their requests store cookies in Mozilla Firefox in it's settings under Preferences -> Privacy & Security.

See How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps for more information about Google's use of cookies.

See our about page if you want to contact us with questions regarding our privacy policy.

Why We Have Third Party Tracking

"Digital content is to a large degree funded by advertising, which means that rather than paying for services with money, companies monetize our behaviour, attention and personal data."

We will remove the Google AdSense advertisements from this website if user donations match the current level of advertisement revenue. The total sum of donations received since 2004 is less than $10 (less than $1/year). That is nowhere near enough to be an alternative to third party advertisements. You can donate if you want this site to be advertisement-free. It will be if enough people do that. $5 from 1% of our readers would be enough.

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