Second Mini Album "Dear My Color" From Korean Pop Sensation 보라미유 (Boramiyu) Is Released And It Is Wonderful

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The second mini-album from Korean solo artist 보라미유 (Boramiyu) starts off with the very soothing and charming song love song "우리가 틀렸던 건 아닐 거야". The mini-albums second song, 10분 전, is a very happy and cheerful song which shines with wonderful vocal performance. It just gets better from there.

written by 윤채경 (Yoon Chae-kyung)  2020-03-31 - last edited 2020-03-31. © CC BY

하루의 반 (Half A Day) by 보라미유 (Boramiyu)

"Dear My Color" by 보라미유 (Boramiyu) is a wonderful mini-album through and through. It starts off calmly, then it picks up with the second very up-beat and happy song "10분 전" and then it calms down again with "하루의 반" The fourth song, "Wind, Star, Moon", is a more up-beat song with cheerful vocals. The album finishes off with the really soothing, clam and relaxing song "식혀줘". The complete track-list for "Dear My Color" is:

  1. 우리가 틀렸던 건 아닐 거야
  2. 10분 전
  3. 하루의 반
  4. Wind, Star, Moon
  5. 식혀줘

"Dear My Color" is available in most major online music stores including Melon, Genie, Flo, Bugs!, Soribada and Naver Music.

보라미유 (Boramiyu) has a YouTube channel where you can watch the music video for "Dear My Color"s second track 10분 전. Her "fan cafe" page is at

Linux users who have buy the mini album can listen to it using music player software such as Audacious and Cantata. The music video for second track "10분 전" can be downloaded from YouTube using youtube-dl and played on Linux systems using music player like mpv or vlc.

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