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Sonata is a slick GTK+ GUI controller for the Music Player Daemon audio player which has not been updated since 2009. It is and has been unmaintained for a long time. It is, as such, no longer included in many Linux distributions.

Why you'd want it

Music Player Daemon is a nice daemon which runs in the background locally on a remote server and plays music. Various GUI's (and console apps) for controlling it exist. Sonata was the slickest one available for a long time.


Sonata is based on the now unmaintained Pygmy[1] MPD GUI by Andrew Conkling and Matthew G. Sonata developer Scott Horowitz story is that Sonata was forked from Pygmy "in order to fix bugs, introduce new features, and proceed down a different path"[2].

Someone needs to pick up the torch

The Sonata github page at states that

"I (@multani) don't use Sonata much anymore and as a consequence, I've been very slow to answer even to the few bugs reported and pull requests from external contributors.

If you are still interested in Sonata and would like to see it alive again, please contact me by email to see what we can do!"




Stand-alone music players besides VLC:

Program rating framework music collection database
Audacious Yeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpg GTK no
DeaDBeeF Yeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpg GTK no
Elisa Hyuna-approves.jpgHyuna-approves.jpgHyuna-approves.jpgHyuna-approves.jpg Qt/KDE yes
Exaile Kim.Se-jeong.confused.jpgKim.Se-jeong.confused.jpg GTK yes
GNOME Music Hyuna-approves.jpg GTK/GNOME yes
Strawberry Hyuna-approves.jpgHyuna-approves.jpgHyuna-approves.jpgHyuna-approves.jpg Qt yes

discontinued / abandoned / bankrupt & finished: Clementine | Amarok

Music Player Daemon clients:
mpd is a database-oriented music player daemon which can be controlled by numerous front-end programs.

Program rating framework type
Cantata Yeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpg Qt X11
GMPC Hyuna-approves.jpgHyuna-approves.jpgHyuna-approves.jpgHyuna-approves.jpg GTK X11
mpc Hyuna-approves.jpg Command-line terminal
ncmpc Hyuna-approves.jpgHyuna-approves.jpgHyuna-approves.jpg ncurses terminal
xfmpc Kim.Se-jeong.confused.jpgKim.Se-jeong.confused.jpg GTK/Xfce X11

discontinued / abandoned / bankrupt & finished: Sonata | KMP | Glurp