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ncmpc is a terminal Music Player Daemon client made using ncurses. It allows you to browse your music collection and manage a playlist from the comfort of your favorite terminal emulator.

Features and usability


ncmpc running in Cool-Retro-Term

There's not much to say about ncmpc beyond that it's probably the best choice if you really want to control Music Player Daemon from a terminal. You will probably find it very hard to use if you are used to or prefer graphical programs over terminal programs. It's probably fine if you like these kinds of programs.

ncmpc is highly configurable[1]

You can control most of MPD's functionality using keybindings. You can configure your own or use the defaults. There are a lot of keys you can use in ncmpc.



  1. See the ncmpc manual page for details


The ncmpc homepage is at

Music Player Daemon is a daemon which runs in the background and plays music. It can be controlled by a variety of "client" software. These are the best front-ends ordered by how good they are:

Video players: SMPlayer | mpv | VLC | GNOME Videos

discontinued: Xine | GMPlayer | MPlayer

Stand-alone Audio players:

Filesystem-oriented: Audacious
Database-oriented: Elisa | Strawberry | Exaile | GNOME Music
Bankrupt and finished: Clementine | Amarok

Music Player Daemon audio player clients:

GUI: Cantata | GMPC | Xfmpc (Xfce)
ncurses: ncmpc - Command-line: mpc
Dead and berried: Sonata | KMP | Glurp

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