Wine 4.21 Is Released With DHCP HTTP Proxy Configuration

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50 bugs are fixed in the latest development release of the Wine compatibility layer for running Windows software on GNU/Linux machines. Several address memory leaks and general fixes. There's also application-specific fixes for Lego Digital Designer, LegoLand and Lego Island 2 - and fixes for Gothic 2, Everquest Classic, Nextiva and Crysis 1 for those who don't play Lego.

published 2019-11-26last edited 2019-11-30

Wine comes with it's own built-in web browser called "Wine Internet Explorer".

The high-lights in Wine 4.21 are:

  • HTTP proxy configuration through DHCP.
  • Parameter block support in Direct X 9.
  • More dlls converted to PE.
  • 50 bug-fixes.

The complete list of bug-fixes and changes can be found in the very long and detailed Wine 4.21 release-announcement.

Wine's numbering scheme differs from the rest of the free software community where odd numbered releases are development-releases and even-numbered releases are stable releases. The releases stable versions with a single digit (currently 4) and bug-fixes for that stable branch are named y.0.x. Wine 4.0.3, released last week, is the current "stable" version. Wine 4.1, 4.2, 4.21 and so on are development-versions leading up to an eventual 5.0-release. Some distributions, like Fedora and Manjaro Linux, will ship the development branch and the more stable-oriented, like Debian, includes the stable branch in their repositories.

Wine's application database is a great place to check how well a Windows-program or game runs under Wine on a GNU/Linux distribution.

The latest Wine-release can be acquired from

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