Wine 4.0.3 Released With 54 Bug-fixes

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Wine Is Not an Emulator but it does let you run a lot of Windows software on GNU/Linux systems using native API calls. It's not always perfect. Version 4.0.3 fixes 54 bugs one could encounter when running Windows software. Most of the fixes are game or application specific. There's bug fixes for games like Fallout 4, King of Dragon Pass, Hardwood Solitaire and Warframe as well as desktop software like Quickbooks and Adobe InDesign.

published 2019-11-26last edited 2019-11-26

Tube unity 4k ii.jpg
The Windows-game Tube running on Linux using Wine

Wine 4.0.3 is a stable branch maintenance release. That means no new features in it; the stable branch releases have nothing but bug-fixes in them. There is also a development branch of Wine. A lot of GNU/Linux distributions opt to use that one instead of the somewhat outdated stable series. As an example, Fedora will currently give you Wine 4.20 - released on November 15th. The 4.0.x series doesn't even have multi-monitor support (new to Wine 4.12) so it makes sense that the more bleeding edge distributions opt to package the development branch instead of the "stable" branch.

Those who do use the stable 4.0.x Wine series can enjoy this rather long list of 54 bugs that are no longer present in the shiny new 4.0.3 release:

  • 8848 SWAT4 Areas that should be in shadow and people are rendered solid black
  • 12332 Microsoft Windows Server 2003 DDK SP1 installer crashes ('setupapi.SetupCloseFileQueue' should do proper handle validation before accessing members)
  • 14695 Lifeforce demo misses codecs (msvideo1 needs to support 24 bpp output)
  • 25180 Clonk Endeavour's intro video is not rendered correctly (iccvid does not support non-multiple of 4 video width)
  • 27185 Futuremark PC Mark 7 (.NET 4.0 app) fails to run with Wine-Mono (mscoree:get_runtime Unrecognized version Lv4.0.20926)
  • 28196 Test Drive Unlimited: Water is always rendered on top of everything.
  • 31350 Multiple .NET 3.x WPF applications crash in Vista/Win7 mode due to dwmapi.DwmGetTransportAttributes stub returning E_NOTIMPL (T-Online Mediencenter Assistent, Valil.Chess, Zwift 1.0)
  • 38182 King of Dragon Pass: can't change audio volume level
  • 38421 Windows Media Player 9 & 10: mp3 sound plays too fast
  • 38423 Python 3.5.x exe installer fails with Access denied error
  • 39129 Cygwin's dash.exe crashes during installation
  • 39614 Wine initialises a Critical Section for Mutexes by NULL instead of (void*)-1
  • 41657 CoolQ 5.x reports network error on startup due to msscript:ScriptControl_Eval stub
  • 42078 Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara needs d3dx11_43.dll.D3DX11CreateShaderResourceViewFromMemory
  • 42374 Hardwood Solitaire can not connect to his server
  • 43286 WSARecvMsg wrongly forbids NULL control buffers (Qt 5.7.0 based: Cannot read UDP packets: errno 90, (Message too long))
  • 45218 Fallout 4 Script Extender fails to allocate trampoline buffers
  • 45449 Add diagnostic 'mscoree.dll.CorGetSvc' stub (NGEN client) to hint at broken Microsoft .NET Frameworks installation (Wine-Mono not uninstalled and/or 'mscoree.dll' placeholders not removed prior install)
  • 45757 Visual Studio 2017 Installer - The installer manifest failed signature validation
  • 45947 Native Access crashes on unimplemented function virtdisk.dll.OpenVirtualDisk
  • 46450 Volume Control doesn't work in Firefox videos (and browsers based on it) with PulseAudio driver
  • 46453 The Testament of Sherlock Holmes crashes while loading level with builtin d3dx9_43
  • 46473 Settlers IV History Edition crashes on startup
  • 46558 win64 dotnet Space Engineers fractal noise generation broken
  • 46655 Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5: Tabs show completely black
  • 46905 Multiple eventlog monitor applications go haywire (endless console spam, live-loop CPU) due to advapi32.ReadEventLogA/W returning lasterror ERROR_CALL_NOT_IMPLEMENTED
  • 47013 winebus.sys: hidraw_set_feature_report buffer too small for some devices in SteelSeries Engine
  • 47023 Warframe in-game screenshot fails if screenshot directory already exists
  • 47069 Final Fantasy XIV Launcher renders black (needs better get_Busy implementation)
  • 47082 NI System Web Server crashes on unimplemented function authz.dll.AuthzFreeResourceManager
  • 47129 Rendering glitch in Caste Siege/Ballerburg (invalid vertex count in IDirect3DDevice3::DrawIndexedPrimitiveVB)
  • 47137 Multiple applications from Line 6 (Yamaha Guitar Group) crash on startup (HX Edit v2.71, POD Farm 2.5)(Wine builtin 'gdiplus.dll' missing version resource)
  • 47143 Trackbar thumb is too small in Metatrader 4 expert advisor
  • 47178 Grand Prix Legends: Service papycpu2 doesn't load
  • 47190 Custom protocol handler CF doesn't support aggregation
  • 47214 Oracle Java runtime 8.211 online installer crashes in WoW64
  • 47234 Wine fails to properly parse and import some of the standard root certificates
  • 47236 Adobe InDesign CC 2017: crashes at startup: unimplemented function msvcp140.dll._Strxfrm
  • 47249 CM_Set_Class_Registry_Property should use PCVOID for buffer parameter
  • 47285 widl generates incorrect format strings when using -Oicf flag
  • 47327 Japanese texts are overlapped in notepad when using bitmap font.
  • 47352 Levelhead: Can't connect to game's network
  • 47367 Some WPF 4.x apps from Windows 10 SDK (10.0.17763.x) spam console with fixme:d3d:wined3d_driver_info_init Unhandled OS version 6.3, reporting Win 8. (WinVer set to 'Windows 8.1')
  • 47399 Mozart 11-13 crashes on startup
  • 47418 Quickbooks 2018 installer crashes on Validating Install
  • 47424 DataTransferLength in SCSI_PASS_THROUGH and SCSI_PASS_THROUGH_DIRECT *must* have return value
  • 47432 bcrypt always chooses ECB mode when using AES, even if a program indicates otherwise.
  • 47437 Final Fantasy XIV 5.0 crashes on startup when using xaudio2_8.dll
  • 47514 AviUtl: Can't add a file to the ExEdit dialog after the first drop.
  • 47546 Touhou 14-17 experience Spell Name and Music Room text issues starting in Wine 4.1
  • 47564 Database mistmatch on brazillian timezone (America/Sao_Paulo)
  • 47578 Omni-NFS 4.13's XLPD Server crashes on unimplemented function ntoskrnl.exe.MmIsThisAnNtAsSystem
  • 47586 The Sims 1 visually freezes after alt-tabbing when in fullscreen mode
  • 47706 ntdll: Compiler warnings regression on x86_64 [stable]

Wine's homepage is at and the source for the stable 4.0.x Wine series can be acquired from Distributions using that branch will typically update to it within a month. You might as well wait for updated distribution packages if you are using this Wine branch since it would make more sense to use the development snapshots if you are able and willing to go through the compilation process. It is a fairly large compile.

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