Microsoft WordPad 2020 Will Contain In-App Advertisements

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The current "Insider Preview" version of the WordPad word processor bundled with the Windows 10 operating system contains subtle advertisements for Microsoft's online office suite. Free software alternatives do not have that problem and they will, unlike the Microsoft alternative, work without an Internet connection.

written by Öyvind Sæther  2020-01-22 - last edited 2020-01-22. © CC BY

Microsoft wordpad msoffice online advertisements.png
Absolute botnet: The latest WordPad "Insider Preview" contains advertisements for Microsoft's online office suite.

The current Windows 10 "Insider Preview" build has advertisements for Microsoft's online office products disguised as regular system messages. The new messges like Try Word online for free. Open Word and Use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for free online. Open Office are clearly advertisements yet they look like they are regular application notification message. These messages encourage users to use the online version of Microsoft Office. That version gives Microsoft even more control over their users than the proprietary locally-installed Office version does.

The free software office suite LibreOffice does not have those kinds of subtle advertisements or advertisements of any kind. It is a great alternative to both WordPad and Microsoft's online office package.

LibreOffice Writer 01.jpg
LibreOffice 6.4 RC1s Writer component.

LibreOffice is included in or available for all the free GNU/Linux distributions like antiX, Debian, HamoniKR, Fedora, Linux Mint, Mageia, Manjaro Linux and Ubuntu.

LibreOffice is also available for Windows and macOS. It can easily be downloaded and installed locally from LibreOffice does not and never will require any subscription, it installs locally so you always have access to it and your documents, even if you do not have an Internet connection, it does not have advertisements and it respects your freedom. It is absolutely an alternative worth checking out if you need a word processor or a fully featured office suite.

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