Wine 5.20 Released With 36 Bug-Fixes

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The latest development release of the Wine Is Not An Emulator Windows API re-implementation has game specifix fixes for Alice Madness Return, Backpacker 3: Americana, Capella no yakusoku, Metro Exodus, Red Evil and Stellaris. There's also several general fixes that make a long list of games run better in Wine 5.20. Audio mixing and audio handling in general should be better with this release.

written by 윤채경 (Yoon Chae-kyung). published 2020-10-24last edited 2020-10-24

Wine running cmdchat (from Japan) and it's own notepad re-implementation.

The latest Wine release was, as usual, dominated by developers employed by the Codeweavers corporation. Hans Leidekker contributed nearly thirty improvements to the the DSS cryptographic provider, Esme Povirk contributed code improving Wine's handling of PNG files in windowscodecs, there's 50 small fixes to windowless RichEdit by Huw D. M. Davies and Nikolay Sivov contributed a whole 57 different improvement to Wine 5.20, most of which are related to Wine's audio mixer and audio handling.

Michael Stefaniuc, who is not part of the Codeweavers brotherhood, changed code all over the code-base so it now uses wide-char string literals. Tjat puts him in third place in terms of commits to this release with a score of 40 commits in total.

33 different people contributed to Wine 5.20 with less than 10 commits.

Wine 5.20 scoreboard
team developer commits
Codeweavers Nikolay Sivov 57
Codeweavers Huw D. M. Davies 50
Red Hat Michael Stefaniuc] 40
Codeweavers Jacek Caban 32
Codeweavers Hans Leidekker 27
Codeweavers Alexandre Julliard 20
Codeweavers Zebediah Figura 20
Codeweavers Paul Gofman 10
Contributors with less than 10 commits
  • Esme Povirk (9)
  • Austin English (5)
  • Alistair Leslie-Hughes (5)
  • Henri Verbeet (5)
  • Jan Sikorski (4)
  • Zhiyi Zhang (4)
  • Robert Wilhelm (3)
  • Piotr Caban (3)
  • Georg Lehmann (3)
  • Sven Baars (3)
  • Ziqing Hui (2)
  • Myah Caron (2)
  • Haoyang Chen (2)
  • Brendan Shanks (2)
  • Julian Rüger (1)
  • Joachim Priesner (1)
  • Lauri Kenttä (1)
  • Liam Middlebrook (1)
  • Louis Lenders (1)
  • Matteo Bruni (1)
  • Gijs Vermeulen (1)
  • Vijay Kiran Kamuju (1)
  • Jeff Smith (1)
  • Aaron Hill (1)
  • Akihiro Sagawa (1)
  • Anton Baskanov (1)
  • Arkadiusz Hiler (1)
  • Aurimas Fišeras (1)
  • Damjan Jovanovic (1)
  • Daniel Lehman (1)
  • Derek Lesho (1)
  • Dmitry Timoshkov (1)
  • Roman Pišl (1)

The change-log lists 36 different bugs as being closed with the release of Wine 5.20.

The source code for Wine 5.20 can be acquired from and there's binary packages, including distribution-specific overlays, at

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