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The newly released Thunar 1.8.13 had several bug-fixes, improvements and a unfortunate regression which broke drag and drop when multiple files are selected. Thunar 1.8.14 is a "emergency release" which reverts the one commit that broke drag and drop. The rest of the improvements in Thunar 1.8.13 remain intact.

written by 윤채경 (Yoon Chae-kyung)  2020-03-25 - last edited 2020-03-26. © CC BY

Thunar 1.8.13 git.

"You found a regression .. fine. Though there is no need to yell at somebody. Are you going to fix it?"

anonymous Xfce developer source
an hour prior to the emergency release

Thunar 1.8.14 fixes the unfortunate drag and drop problem in the Thunar 1.8.13 release and that's it. The many bug-fixes and improvements in Thunar 1.8.13 are still there in this release, only one offending commit has been reverted in order to restore drag and drop functionality. No new features or anything else was changed between 1.8.14 and the previous 1.8.13 released just a few days ago; this was a "emergency release" meant to only address the very unfortunate regression in Thunar 1.8.13.

"Sorry for my bad patch everyone. I clearly didn't test it enough."

anonymous Xfce developer source
who wrote the reverted patch

Xfce developer Alexander Schwinn deserves credit for addressing this issue with an "emergency release" less than an hour after he became aware of it.

The source code for Thunar 1.8.14 can be acquired from your local friendly mirror.

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