Personal finances manager Skrooge 2.20.0 released

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A new version of the popular personal finance manager Skrooge is now available with some bugs fixes and the ability to import accounts from German AqBanking that don't have IBAN numbers.

Skrooge may be worth a try if you need an overview of your personal finances and you do not know how setup a double book a spreadsheet and don't want to or can't learn.


The new version fixes 12 bugs and adds a new REGEXPCAPTURE operator to Skrooge's "Search and Process".

There's packages for Skrooge in all the major distributions repositories. Those will be recent but not the shiny new 2.20.0 version. There are appimage, snap and flatpack images available at for those who want the latest. There's also a packages for MacOS and Windows available - and a package for Opensuze with a z.

Skrooge's website is at and there is a very in-depth manual available at

published 2019-06-25last edited 2019-06-25

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