Kdenlive video editor version 19.04.2 released

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A total of 77 bugs are fixed in the second minor release in the 19.04 series of the powerful and feature-rich KDE video editor Kdenlive. Compositing issues, misbehaving markers and grouping inconsistencies are among the more noticeable bugs fixed. There are also some improvements specific to the Wintoddler version.

This is a minor kdenlive release and as such it lacks any major changes. It's all about the bug fixes - and there's a lot of them.


The kdenlive team also reports that they are making good progress on the next stable release codenamed 19.08. This upcoming release will have nested timelines, better speed effect controls and a completely revamped titler. That last feature is being done by Akhil K G as part of kdenlive's GSOC participation.

Complete list of bugs fixed in kdenlive 19.02.4

These are all the bugs fixed in kdenlive 19.02.4:

  • Fix copy effect or split does not keep disabled state. Fixes bug #408242
  • Fix various keyframe related issues.
  • Fix error in composition index for 1st track. Fixes bug #408081
  • Fix audio recording not added to timeline.
  • Fix guides in render widget.
  • Fix timeline selection/focus broken by recent
  • Fix fade in broken on cut clips.
  • Revert audio capture to wav (should fix Windows issue #214).
  • Fix automask bugs (initial zone incorrect and not displayed on monitor).
  • Fix timeline unresponsive after deleting all clips.
  • Properly load colors & icons (Fix #112).
  • Fix clip grab state not updated on deselection.
  • Add speed info to clip tooltip.
  • Allow shortcut for change speed action.
  • Fix copy / paste track issue.
  • Fix slideshow clips on Windows.
  • Fix windows icons.
  • Add properly scaled Windows icon.
  • Fix crash opening old project file.
  • Remove old speed effect from categorization.
  • Automatically convert old custom effects to new type (and make a backup copy in the legacy folder).
  • Fix clip transcode incorrect label. Fixes bug #407808
  • Fix various transcoding issues. See bug #407808
  • Prevent saving corrupted file (with no tracks). See bug #407798
  • Detect corrupted project files on opening, propose to open backup. See bug #407798
  • Fix timewarp test after rounding change in timewarp clip duration.
  • Use default composition duration instead of full clip length on composition creation.
  • Fix invalid clip on project opening. See bug #407778
  • Fix 1 frame offset in clip duration after speed change.
  • Fix incorrect minimum speed.
  • Fix remaining marker issues.
  • Don’t create producers with non integer length (fixes invalid clip issue).
  • Do not use MLT producer’s get_length_time methd as it changes the way the length property is stored, causing inconsistencies (clock vs smpte_df). See bug #407778
  • Fix crash when marker was at clip start.
  • Fix marker position on clip cuts with speed effect.
  • Fix custom effect appearing with wrong name after save.
  • Use rounder rect icon instead of placeholder folder icon for custom effects.
  • Correctly hide/show asset settings when deselected/reselected.
  • Fix markers and snapping for clips with speed effect.
  • Disable filter clip job on tracks.
  • Fix crash in audio thumbs with reverse speed clip.
  • Fix mistake in previous
  • Fix removeAllKeyframes.
  • Make lock track undoable and other fixes for locking + tests.
  • Re-add “go to guide” menu in timeline. Fixes bug #407528
  • Fix timeline doesn’t scroll with cursor. Fixes bug #407433
  • When importing a project file as clip, deduce the empty seek space.
  • Fix opening project containing invalid clips (when a source file somehow went missing).
  • Fix ungrouping when we have a selection of groups and single clips.
  • Don’t invalidate timeline/refresh monitor on audio effects.
  • Fix wrong stream imported by default on multistream clips.
  • Improve snap behavior on group resizing.
  • Fix dynamic text broken because of missing font & keyword params.
  • Fix snapping issues (disable snapping on high zoom levels).
  • Better abstraction for locking mechanism.
  • Fix endless clip test.
  • Fix resetView test.
  • Fix edit duration from timeline menu not connected.
  • Fix crash on resize after recent group resize fix.
  • Restore go to marker/guide context menu in monitor.
  • Fix regrouping items loses AVSplit property.
  • Fix: interpolation in rotoscoping filter. Fixes bug #407418
  • Fix list parameter default value broken (rotoscoping), ensure we always have a keyframe at in point.
  • Allow building on Ubuntu LTS & derivatives.
  • Fix context menu “edit guide” leaving empty space in menu.
  • Fix fuzzer compilation.
  • Fix timeline preview crash. Since a QCoreApp was created by kdenlive_render, MLT did not create its own QApplication, leading to linking crashes.
  • Enforce progressive and fps on dnxhd timeline preview profiles.
  • Add AppImage specific code to ensure we always set the correct path for MLT, FFmpeg, etc.
  • Don’t delete timeline preview files on project close.
  • Fix crash trying to delete first keyframe. Fixes #180.
  • Revert composition sorting to match previous stable behavior.
  • Fix title clip length 1 frame shorter than expected on creation.
  • Fix grouping after copy / paster.
  • Fix gap on clip move when trying to move clips.
  • Fix composition tracks listed in reverse order.
  • Fix copy/paste composition is one frame shorter.

You can find the release announcement at https://kdenlive.org/en/2019/06/kdenlive-19-04-2-is-out/

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