Xfce Image Viewer Ristretto 0.8.5 released

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The latest version of the Ristretto image viewer fixes some memory leaks and some minor bugs. It is still based on GTK 2 and it is still too cumbersome to use as a general-purpose image viewer. The new version does not fix the very fundamental problems with this particular image viewer.

Ristretto version 0.8.5.

The complete change-log since the last release is as follows:

  • Fix a few memory leaks
  • Fix "Sort type unsupported" when sorting by file type
  • Add support for Canon CR2 format
  • Drop saturation and brightness support as no more supported by xfdesktop
  • Show info on focal length and ISO in statusbar (bug #13993)
  • Fix Glib-Critical errors "Source ID X was not found"
  • Place appdata.xml to metainfo dir (bug #15382)
  • Fix Xfce wallpaper manager (for single monitor only) (bug #14571)
  • Fix corrupted (large) GIF images (bug #15177)
  • Update thumbnail bar on changing the sorting order (bug #10246)
  • Improve "Sorting" menu (bug #15539)
  • appdata.xml: Remove releases info and update URLs (bug #15482)

None of this changes addresses the very fundamental problems with this particular image viewer: There is no easy way to quickly switch between folders and it does not remember zoom settings from one image to the next. While it's nice that there's improvements it's just not enough.

Ristretto 0.8.5 is still based on GTK 2. This will be the last version of Ristretto based on GTK2. The next version of Ristretto will be based on GTK 3. An anonymous source in the Xfce developer community tell us that Ristretto 0.8.5 is based on GTK 2 because "the gtk3 port is not finished (yet)"

You can learn more about Ristretto at docs.xfce.org/apps/ristretto/ and the release announcement can be read at Xfce Announce Mailing List: ANNOUNCE: ristretto 0.8.5 released

We have a Comparison of Image Viewers with alternatives to Ristretto that are, quite frankly, better and easier to use.

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