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  • It's Yeriday
    Kim Ye-rim (김예림), better know as Yeri from the wonderful South Korean k-pop group Red Velvet, was born on March 5th 1999. It's not yet March 5th in most of the world but it is March 5th in South Korea. That makes today Yeriday! We wish Yeri a happy birthday and a happy Yeriday.
  • The Free Software Foundation Should Re-add Richard Stallman to the Board
    Dr. Richard Stallman is missed by many who perceive him to have been wrongly treated; putting Stallman back in the Board (at the very least) would help the image of the Free Software Foundation more than the newly-announced work with Community Consulting Teams of Boston
  • Free Software Calling
    Fewer people are willing to “put up with the shit” given by so-called ‘Big Tech’, seeing that it’s mostly about social control rather than enablement or emancipation.
  • The Free Software Foundation Has Entered Into A Consulting Agreement To Improve Its Image
    The Free Software Foundation has entered into a pro bono consulting agreement with the Community Consulting Teams of Boston to get a "marketing assessment" and recommendations for how they can "improve communications and outreach".
  • GNU Denemo 2.5 Is Released
    The GNU Projects updated version of the leading free software music notation program. It adds export of multi-movement scores to the MusicXML format, support for comments in Lyric verses, keyboard-driven menu navigation and several bug-fixes.
  • Friendly Reminder From The Linux Mint Team: Update Your Computer (And Teach Others How)
    Clem from the Linux Mint team issued a reminder that we should all update our computers last month. It is good advice because "Security updates are very important". We can add that you should teach friends and family how to update their system if you install GNU/Linux on their machines, and the Linux community needs to make upgrades between major versions of GNU/Linux distributions a whole lot easier.
  • Wine 6.3 Built-in vs DXVK 1.8: A Comparison Of Two Very Different DirectX Implementations
    Wine is not an emulator, it is a re-implementation of the Windows APIs. Wine implements DirectX 9-11 by translating the DirectX APIs to OpenGL API calls. There is an alternative DirectX implementation called DXVK that can be used with Wine. It translates DirectX API calls to Vulkan. Most Linux users who play Windows games on Linux think DXVK is faster than Wines built-in translation layer. Is it, and if so, how much faster is DXVK?
  • Linux 5.12 Mostly Restores Long-Horrid AES-XTS Performance Introduced By CPU-Bug Mitigations
    AES-NI XTS hardware encryption and decryption performance on Linux has been severely crippled since the Spectre V2 mitigations were introduced to the Linux kernel nearly two years ago. Linux 5.12 has fixes that mostly restore AES-NI XTS performance on the AMD side and those changes slightly increase aex-xts performance on the Intel side.