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MacOS is a proprietary, non-backwards compatible operating system by Apple well received by ex-developers for its POSIX compliance.

MacOS Essential Apps

While KDE is "Simple by default, powerful when needed", MacOS is "Simple by default" and stops there. If you're a power user (or a user with basic needs besides running a single app), there's a few essential services to make MacOS somewhat productive:

Note: Due to Apple's toxic relationship with developers, these apps may cease to function at any time. Feel free to update the list with alternatives.

MacOS Gestures

MacOS gestures are one of the best pieces in the operating system. To enable similar gestures on Linux, check out Fusuma.

Verdict And Conclusion

Our verdict and conclusion is Not Good. MacOS lacks the quality, customization, and developer experience to be considered a high quality operating system for anyone outside the beginner range. See more details in Macs & MacOS: Greener Grass?