Thunar 1.8.10 Released With Plenty Of Bug-Fixes

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The latest release of the default file manager for the Xfce desktop environment has a very long list of bug-fixes in a variety of areas. Some fix trivial visual errors and some fix crashes when doing something like a refresh on a open remote folder which has been deleted. There are no new ground-breaking features, this is a stable version maintenance release which tackles bugs.

Thunar's Icon View showing image file previews in a folder full of Gugudan's Mina. She's so talented, we love her so much.

The complete very long list of changes since Thunar version 1.8.9 was released is as follows:

  • Allow compilation with panel 4.15
  • thunar-job: keep track of number of processed files (Bug #16117)
  • No context menu on right-click when started via trash-panel-plugin (Bug #16000)
  • icon text now centered after unchecking "Text besides icons"
  • Remove the vertical gap between icon and label (Bug #16041)
  • Fix icon view alignment (Bug #16107)
  • Not possible to grab scrollbar on the very right pixels when maximized (Bug #16050)
  • Wrap text of error dialog
  • Not possible to empty the trash via the pathbar context menu
  • Crash on refresh if remote folder has been removed (Bug #15961)
  • Center action buttons in conflict dialog window (Bug #15973)
  • Ensure UCAs use currently selected file path (Bug #15119)
  • make filename label selectable in conflict dialog window
  • Center action buttons in conflict dialog window (Bug #15973)
  • Clear UCA shortcut when the action is deleted
  • Prevent Gtk-CRITICAL when adding or modifying a UCA
  • Thunar SendTo Email: Add missing archive formats (Bug #15917)
  • sendto plugin: fix content type resolution. (Bug #15916)
  • sendto plugin: extract function tse_file_is_archive (Bug #15916)
  • All glory to lowercase (Bug #15394)
  • mismatched names between thunar.appdata.xml and thunar.desktop (Bug #15498)
  • Remove superfluous .desktop file "" (Bug #15467)
  • Prevent unnecessary fallback copy-delete in file move when overwriting
  • Fix possible memory leak
  • Fix popup menus size (Bug #15832)
  • Add Alt+D as accelerator for Open Location (Bug #15828)
  • Do not insert hyphens at intra-word line breaks (Bug #15856)

The source for the new version of Thunar can be found at Most GNU/Linux distributions will likely have the updated version available in their repositories in a week or two. Thunar's homepage website is at

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