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The latest version of the Mesa graphics stack has a long list of fixes for Linux Vulkan users. There's also been some fixes for the NIR shader compiler backend. This is a bug-fix release, major updates like support for AMD Navi GPUs will not arrive until Mesa 19.2 which is scheduled to be release late August.

Counter-Strike 4K linux-5.1.16.jpg
The game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rendered using the Mesa graphics stack.

The entire list of bug-fixes since the release of Mesa 19.1.2 are:

  • radv: Handle cmask being disallowed by addrlib.
  • anv: Add android dependencies on android.
  • radv: Only save the descriptor set if we have one.
  • anv: Fix pool allocator when first alloc needs to grow
  • spirv: Fix stride calculation when lowering Workgroup to offsets
  • anv: fix VkExternalBufferProperties for unsupported handles
  • anv: fix VkExternalBufferProperties for host allocation
  • nir: Add a helper to determine if an intrinsic can be reordered
  • radv: fix crash in shader tracing.
  • freedreno: Fix assertion failures in context setup in shader-db mode.
  • softpipe: Remove unused static function
  • intel/vec4: Reswizzle VF immediates too
  • nir: Add unit tests for nir_opt_comparison_pre
  • nir: Use nir_src_bit_size instead of alu1->dest.dest.ssa.bit_size
  • mesa: Set minimum possible GLSL version
  • nir/instr_set: Expose nir_instrs_equal()
  • nir/loop_analyze: Fix phi-of-identical-alu detection
  • nir: Add more helpers for working with const values
  • nir/loop_analyze: Handle bit sizes correctly in calculate_iterations
  • nir/loop_analyze: Bail if we encounter swizzles
  • anv: Set Stateless Data Port Access MOCS
  • nir/opt_if: Clean up single-src phis in opt_if_loop_terminator
  • nir,intel: Add support for lowering 64-bit nir_opt_extract_*
  • anv: Account for dynamic stencil write disables in the PMA fix
  • nir/regs_to_ssa: Handle regs in phi sources properly
  • nir/loop_analyze: Refactor detection of limit vars
  • nir: Add some helpers for chasing SSA values properly
  • nir/loop_analyze: Properly handle swizzles in loop conditions
  • docs: add sha256 checksums for 19.1.2
  • Update version to 19.1.3
  • docs: add release notes for 19.1.3
  • virgl: Set meta data for textures from handle.
  • vulkan/overlay: fix command buffer stats
  • vulkan/overlay: fix crash on freeing NULL command buffer
  • anv: fix crash in vkCmdClearAttachments with unused attachment
  • vulkan/wsi: update swapchain status on vkQueuePresent
  • anv: report timestampComputeAndGraphics true
  • anv: fix format mapping for depth/stencil formats
  • radeonsi: don't set READ_ONLY for const_uploader to fix bindless texture hangs
  • anv: fix alphaToCoverage when there is no color attachment
  • radv: fix VGT_GS_MODE if VS uses the primitive ID
  • meta: memory leak of CopyPixels usage
  • mesa: save/restore SSO flag when using ARB_get_program_binary
  • meson: Add dep_thread dependency.
  • meta: leaking of BO with DrawPixels

The next major Mesa version will be 19.2. It is scheduled to be released at the end of September.

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