Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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CS:GO is fun free-to-play first person shooter game made by Valve. The original game is old yet it looks very good since it has gotten many updates throughout the years.

A native GNU/Linux version of CS:GO is available from Steam. It runs perfectly on GNU/Linux. It's quite fun and worth trying out.

Free as in Free to Play (not free software)

Valve made CS:GO free to play and added a "Danger Zone" many-multi-player game-mode in December 2018. This upset many of those who paid for the game - but that's their problem. It's great for you since you do not have to pay for it.

Graphics and Gameplay

Counter-Strike 4K linux-5.1.16.jpg

It's a typical first person shooter game. You run around looking for either the terrorist or the counter-terrorist - depending on which team you choose to be on. Then you aim and shoot. That's about it.

The graphics is really good. The game's old but that doesn't mean it looks bad. It has been frequently updated many times over the years and the modern version of CS:GO looks really good.

Hardware requirements

The game will run fine on any modern machine and that includes laptops. The graphics settings are configurable and you will have to use low settings on an old laptop. It runs fine at 4K 60fps with high settings on a RX570. CS:GO appears to be very optimized compared to a lot of similar games.

Verdict and conclusion

It's free. And it's fun. Install Steam if you do not have it and try it, you will enjoy it if you like video games.