Linux Steering Wheel Manager Oversteer v0.6.0 Brings support For 6 Additional Wheels

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Oversteer is a graphical application that lets you configure steering wheels connected to GNU/Linux machines - assuming they are supported by the Linux kernel or user-space drivers. The latest version has a new profile manager and support configuring 6 additional steering wheels.

written by 권유리 (Kwon Yu-ri)  2021-03-29 - last edited 2021-03-29. © CC BY

Thrustmaster T300RS. Image from up-scaled using RealSR.

Oversteer is a graphical application that lets you configure steering wheels connected to GNU/Linux machines so they work as desired in games like SuperTuxKart. It is a useless application if you do not have a steering wheel, and it is only useful if the one(s) you have work thanks to a built-in Linux kernel driver or a third party driver.

Oversteer is useful if you have a steering wheel connected to a GNU/Linux computer. It's not if you don't.

The latest 0.6.0 release adds support for configuring these wheels:

  • Thrustmaster T300RS
  • FANATEC ClubSport V2/2.5
  • FANATEC Podium DD1
  • Logitech Wingman FG
  • Logitech Wingman FFG.

These are just the wheels new to this release, it supports many more, mostly from Logitech, that are listed at

In-kernel Linux support for Logitech devices, including wheels, has been solid for years. The Thrustmaster and FANATEC wheels require third party kernel drivers (see for Thrustmaster wheels and for FANATEC wheels).

There's also a new profile manager, a new force feedback wheel tester, auto-detection of a wheels maximum range and some changes to the user-interface in this release.

Oversteer 0.6.0 is only available in the form of source code at Compiling and installing it is very strait-forward on Debian/Ubuntu and derivatives, and Fedora. It uses meson and ninja (as in meson build && ninja -C build), not autoconf or cmake, so you may want to check the installation instructions listed at The instructions really are very easy to follow, you do not need to be a wizard to get Oversteer installed. Anyone can do it. You too. You can do it, you can compile Oversteer. We believe in you.

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Anonymous (6346681df1)

one month ago
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Well, geniuses of Ubuntu change the name of the packages in every update they do, so it wasn't straightforward at all for me. Using pyLinuxWheel meanwhile :(

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