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The Document Foundation, the organization behind the free multi-platform LibreOffice office suite for Windows, Linux and macOS, has been accepted into Googles "Summer Of Code" program. They are currently looking for students with an interest in programming who want to get a financial stipend for working on LibreOffice this summer.

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The LibreOffice office suite version showing the Writer and Calc applications.

Google has a internship program called "Google Summer Of Code" (GSOC) where they give mostly students a small stipend to work on free software projects. The Document Foundation was, unlike the GNU Project, accepted as a mentoring organization for this years GSOC.

The Document Foundation is currently looking for students who would like to work on improving the free LibreOffice office suite this summer in exchange for a stipend from Google. The stipend will be in the $1500-3000 range and the actual amount will depend on the cost of living in the country you are in. Participants will get a seasoned developer from LibreOffice as a mentor.

The Document Foundation has setup a dedicated web page for this years GSOC which explains what the rules are, how to get in touch with the LibreOffice developers, where the developer mailing list is, how to get started and simple instructions describing how to create a simple patch for LibreOffice in order to demonstrate that you're someone who has, at minimum, a vague idea what you're doing.

The Document Foundation was a participant in last years GSOC. It was a success both for the students and for the LibreOffice office suit which got quite a few new features thanks to the participating students efforts.

You can visit the LibreOffice Summer Of Code page prepare to propose a project to work on if you are interested. Proposal-submission starts on March 29th.

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