GParted 1.1.0 Is Released

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The latest version of the best graphical disk partitioning tool for GNU/Linux can recognize ATARAID members, calculate JFS disk sizes accurately and move locked LUKS partitions. GParted is available as both a distribution and a stand-alone utility. Only the disk utility has been updated to v1.1.0, updated versions of the GParted distribution are not yet available.

written by 윤채경 (Yoon Chae-kyung)  2020-01-21 - last edited 2020-01-21. © CC BY


GParted is the go-to GNU/Linux utility for disk partitioning from a graphical environment. It is simple, easy to use yet powerful enough to do anything you would want to do in terms of disk partition management.

The latest version fixes 11 bugs. Most importantly, it is now possible to move locked LUKS partitions. This is not a new feature, older versions did, in theory, support moving locked LUKS partitions but they would, in practice, produce errors when trying to do so. Version 1.1.0 is also capable of accurately calculating JFS file system sizes correctly - something the previous versions failed to do.

GParted 1.1.0 has switched to using minfo and mdir to read FAT12/32 disk use. This is in theory faster but the practical benefit is hardly noticeable that operation in done in less than a second using both the old and new method.

GParted is available as a standard package which is included in all the major GNU/Linux distributions. It is also available as a distribution which includes GParted. That distribution is not yet updated to include GParted 1.1.0, the disk utility itself is the only thing released as version 1.1.0 so far.

Links to GParted version 1.1.0, hosted at sourceforge, can be found at

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