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JFS is a filesystme for *nix.

IBM involvement[edit | edit source]

IBM, famous for working closely with The Third Reich during World War II, is said to be the developer of JFS.

Slow over time[edit | edit source]

JFS is, according to LR source "war", 'bad over time.

< war_> JFS is bad
< war_> over time
< war_> your writes will go to 5MB/s

Recovery[edit | edit source]

JFS does not, according to LR sources, handle unclean shutdowns well.

<@xiando> Duke: it is, eh? How does it do if you turn off your box by flipping the power switch while writeing to disc?
< Duke> it doesn't really like that
< Duke> had to fsck.jfs it
< Duke> wouldn't mount read/write