Decentralized Social Networks vs. The Trolls

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Developers and users of the somewhat decentralized and very poorly connected collection of social networks called the "Fediverse" gathered at this years "ActivityPub Conference" last week. Derek Caelin presented an interesting video called Decentralized Social Networks vs. The Trolls at that conference. It is highly educational and worth a watch if you think free speech, traditional moral values, milk, Korean pop music, random hand gestures used for hundreds of years and being against child pornography being openly broadcast on Netflix is "hate speech" and "right wing extremism" that should be censored. It is also interesting if you just want to learn about the mind-set of the people with that kind of world-view.

Original story by Derek Caelin / ActivityPub Conference. Originally published 2020-09-26.
This work is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Video by ActivityPub Conference (apconf). License: LicenceAttribution - Share Alike

In the summer of 2019, the alt-right social network Gab migrated to the decentralized "Fediverse" of social networks after being booted from mainstream financial services and hosting solutions. Almost immediately, Gab was met by a dedicated movement to isolate it. The movement was largely successful; within a year, the Gab CTO announced they would leave the Fediverse. This talk will cover how moderators, activists, and developers in the Fediverse used human moderators, strong moderation tools, representative codes of conduct, and no small amount of organization to promote healthy online spaces.

We’ll review how some of the challenges faced by centralized platforms, which struggle with their own size and scale, have been addressed in networks of smaller, community run, more moderated servers. In the debate over how to make a healthier internet, the open platforms and open protocols in the model of the Fediverse may have some of the best resources to isolate bad actors, including Gab.

Derek Caelin is an Innovation and Data Specialist at Counterpart International (CPI) with experience in open source technology and social media. He has helped activists deploy technology for social good at CPI, PeaceTech Lab, and the United States Institute of Peace. In writing this article, Derek spoke with 80 people, primarily on Mastodon, including 12 interviews of Fediverse administrators and moderators as well as hate speech monitors and experts in dangerous speech. He also conducted a survey of Fediverse users with 670 respondents.

Derek Caelin

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15 months ago
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I thought Linux Reviews supported Freedom, Truth and Freedom of Speech

Not allowing Global LEFT, Anti Whites, SJW and Feminists to promote hate, division, lies and decipion


Video :-

Decentralized Social Networks vs. The Trolls - Derek Caelin - 26/Sept/2020 (censortube) -



15 months ago
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I have no idea what you even mean with

  1. I thought Linux Reviews supported Freedom, Truth and Freedom of Speech
  2. Not allowing Global LEFT, Anti Whites, SJW and Feminists to promote hate, division, lies and deception

Promoting freedom of speech means promoting ideas you don't like or agree with. And while this video appears to come from a left-leaning point of view it's not a video that contains anything I would call hate or direct lies. There's some odd spin in it, like the odd claim that Gab's decision to drop fediverse because of how the somewhat flawed ActivityPub protocol works was due to a few admins of some very small and completely irrelevant Mastodon instances throwing a fit. But that's fine. It's human nature to see things from your own point of view. The few people who find their way to this website are able to watch and think and judge for themselves. They are, after all, mostly GNU/Linux users who were, at some point, able to figure out how to install a Linux distribution all on their own. Have some faith in their ability to think.

I created two pages with the really long list you posted in comments below,

because that's more suitable for very long lists. Also, those are easily editable in case you'd like to add or remove something at a later date.


15 months ago
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BLM is a left wing terrorist organisation which leader is Half Black, Half Jewish, Full Marxist , in her OWN WORDS on Interview Footage

Its funded by over 300 "American" Corporations as part of the Global LEFT + Zionist system in most nations

Its Anti Freedom , Anti Western, Anti Male

In their own words by various BLM members they want to blame WHITEY for Slavery when its been factualy proved that Slavery in Africa to USA was done by - South African Tribes - Jewish - ISLAM - Left wing white "democrats"

Not a single "right wing" white person owned a slave

yet the right wing ethnic national native males are the boggie man of the jewish controlled mainstream

Its pretty clear Linux, open Source and FOSS has been infected by the same groups as Goverment, Education, Tv, Movies, mainstream

Its time for Linux, Opensource and FOSS community to take a stance

Either your for - Agenda 21 2020-2030 - Globalism - Zionism - Anti West - Anti Male - Anti Freedom - Diversity/Inclusion/Feminism/Group rights

or your for Universal Human Freedom + Invidual rights + Freedom of Speech, without :-

  • Corporations
  • Censorship
  • Speech Codes
  • Linux Foundation
  • Cloud Servers
  • Microsoft/Red Hat/Google/Amazon/Youtube/Twatter/etc
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