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Mastodon is a free software social networking platform which uses the ActivityPub standard for message synchronization between individual servers. The project falsely describes itself as a platform where you can "Publish anything you want". That's technically true, you can try to publish something on the bigger Mastodon instances recommended on the software project's homepage and watch it get censored and your account be banned. Not all Mastodon instances are censored, there are smaller instances that do value free speech. The developers of the Mastodon do not.

The network of Mastodon servers and other servers using the ActivityPub are called the "Fediverse". Most of the Fediverse servers that are not heavily censored use Mastodon forks or alternative software Pleroma due to the Mastodon developers love for censorship and fear of people who are capable of original independent thought. The state of free speech on most Mastodon servers is worse than it is on corporate controlled platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

See the page Fediverse for a list of servers using the ActivityPub standard and their features. There is also a list of mobile applications for accessing Mastodon and other compatible server software on that page.

User-style for websites running Mastodon

Sites running Mastodon and forks change the web browsers scrollbar to almost black on black. Using the following user-style in a browser plugin like Stylus may be preferable depending on your taste.

body::-webkit-scrollbar {
    width: 0.8em;
body::-webkit-scrollbar-track {
    -webkit-box-shadow: inset 0 0 6px rgba(211, 70, 70, .3);
body::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb , body::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:hover{
  background-color: #ff8484;
  outline: 1px solid #3f9fff;


The Mastodon software can, for now, be downloaded from

A fork of Mastodon which is not under the control of power-hungry censoring maniacs is available at


Anonymous user #1

11 months ago
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oh my god this is the stupidest thing. "fedibal" (actually Fedilab) is not a Tusky for, it has many more features. The instances you list are arbitrary.


11 months ago
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Of course the list of instances are arbitrary, and that will be the case until enough random people bother to click that handy little "edit" button & add more and more instances. It will probably be pretty "complete" in a month.
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