D9VK 0.11 released with fixes and improvements

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The second release of this Vulkan-based translation layer for Direct3D 9 is now available and comes less than a week after this project's initial release. There are performance improvements and bug fixes for those who are willing to do some tinkering in order to player older Windows-titles on Linux using WINE.

D9VK is in many ways similar to DXVK, the difference is that D9VK is for older titles. Direct3D 9 games using Shader Model 2 and 3 should generally work but the really old ones using Shader Model 1 will not. Games that should at least run using D9VK include GTA IV, Half Life 2 and League of Legends.

D9VK is still in early development stages so you can not expect a smooth experience just yet. The projects github issue tracker indicates that there's still many problems with a lot of games. GTA IV will run and you can play it but there are rendering issues. Other games like Starcraft 2 will immediately crash upon start.

You can get the 0.11 release from https://github.com/Joshua-Ashton/d9vk/releases if you want to test it out. You'll get some games running but do not expect a easy, smooth and perfect experience; it's just not there yet.

published 2019-05-13last edited 2019-06-27

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