Xfce4 Panel Stopwatch Plugin v0.3.1 released

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The Xfce team is proud to announce a new version of the gtk3 port of the "stopwatch" panel plugin. This marks yet another milestone on Xfce's march towards a stable 4.14 release which is still on schedule to be released mid-August 2019.

The new Stopwatch panel plugin release fixes "build with vala and GObject instrospection. xfce4-vala is no longer needed.". The new version of Stopwatch look like this:


It will start tracking time like a stopwatch when you click on the timer and stop when you click it again. There is a small icon next to it which allows you to re-set the stopwatch back to zero. That's it, that's all Stopwatch does.

The most popular Linux desktop environment is still otherwise on schedule for a stable release mid-August 2019. Leading Linux distributions like Manjaro Linux already have the 4.14 pre-release as a it's default Xfce4 version.

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