WebTorrent Desktop v0.23 Is Released

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The latest release of the "WebTorrent Desktop" video player and file transfer tool for the BitTorrent and WebTorrent protocols features better unsupported codec detection, support for more audio formats, support for files with multiple audio tracks and there are many smaller bug fixes.

written by 윤채경 (Yoon Chae-kyung)  2020-07-20 - last edited 2020-07-20. © CC BY

WebTorrent Desktop can play a limited number of video files while they are being downloaded.

WebTorrent Desktop v0.22 and v0.23 were both released on the same day. The only difference between them is the version of the electrum framework bundled with WebTorrent Desktop, v0.23 ships Electron 10 beta due to security concerns with the previous version of that framework. The electronjs.org has too much Marxist propaganda to find what those security concerns would be.

WebTorrent Desktop v0.22 added support for files with MPEG2, Musepack, Matroska and WavePack audio. Audio files and video files with audio encoded in those formats can now be played in the built-in player while they are being downloaded. The actual playback is done using bundles chromium and ffmpeg libraries who do not have support for video formats like HEVC so the variety of video files WebTorrent Desktop is capable of playing is still rather limited as of this release. The important free video formats, VP8+Vorbis and VP9+Opus, are fully supported and very playable.

Fedora and CentOS users will be happy to learn that .rpm files are available as of this latest release. Building your own rpm (or .deb) from a git has become real easy.

There are, additonally, 7 small bug-fixes listed in the release-notes.

See our WebTorrent Desktop article for a full review.

The latest source can be acquired from GitHub and rpm, deb, macOS and Windows can also be acquired form there.

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