Mesa 19.1.4 is now available with fixes for hair oddities in Max Payne 3 on AMD/RADV

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The latest version of the graphics library which underpins all GNU/Linux graphics when free drivers are used has a lot of other fixes for Radeon graphics cards. There's also fixes for nv50 and nvc0 based NVidia cards in the free nouveau driver and some fixes for Intel integrated graphics.

Games like SuperTuxKart render their graphics using the Mesa 3d graphics library.

There's also fixes for the spirv, nir and egl backends. This is a minor bug-fix release, the bigger features like AMD Navi support will come when Mesa 19.2 is released. The first release candidate for 19.2 should have been out yesterday according to their total plan for Mesa 19.2. It has been delayed. Mesa developer Emil Velikov has announced that "With multiple teams finalising the final features for their drivers, I've decided to push the branch point by one week." Mesa 19.2 rc2 is scheduled for August 13th which indicates that rc1 will be available on that date.

The Mesa team high-lights these fixes in Mesa 19.1.4:

  • A fix for hair artifacts in Max Payne 3 on AMD/RADV.
  • Vulkan 24/48 bit formats are now not supported on Ivybridge.
  • R8G8B8_UNORM_SRGB is not supported on Haswell.
  • Vulkan transform feedback extension is disabled on Intel gen7.

The Changelog

AMD video encoding/decoding: (uvd and vcn are AMD-specific video decoding technology)

  • radeon/uvd: fix poc for hevc encode
  • radeon/vcn: fix poc for hevc encode
  • radeon/uvd: enable rate control for hevc encoding
  • radeon/vcn: enable rate control for hevc encoding

AMD Vulkan: (radv)

  • radv: fix queries with WAIT_BIT returning VK_NOT_READY
  • radv: fix crash in vkCmdClearAttachments with unused attachment
  • radv: Set correct metadata size for GFX9+.
  • radv: Take variable descriptor counts into account for buffer entries.
  • radv: Fix descriptor set allocation failure.

Intel driver:

  • intel/compiler: don't use a keyword struct for a class fs_reg
  • intel/ir: Fix CFG corruption in opt_predicated_break().
  • intel/fs: Stop stack allocating large arrays
  • intel/fs: Use ALIGN16 instructions for all derivatives on gen <= 7
  • intel/fs: Implement quad_swap_horizontal with a swizzle on gen7

Nouveau Nvidia driver:

  • nv50,nvc0: update sampler/view bind functions to accept NULL array
  • nvc0: allow a non-user buffer to be bound at position 0
  • nv50/ir: handle insn not being there for definition of CVT arg
  • nvc0/ir: Fix assert accessing null pointer

Meson build system:

  • meson: add a warning for meson < 0.46.0
  • meson: allow building all glx without any drivers
  • scons+meson: suppress spammy build warning on MacOS


  • anv: report HOST_ALLOCATION as supported for images
  • anv: Remove special allocation for anv_push_constants
  • anv: Disable transform feedback on gen7
  • anv: Don't claim support for 24 and 48-bit formats on IVB
  • egl/android: Update color_buffers querying for buffer age
  • anv: fix use of comma operator

Nir (internal representation for the Mesa shader compiler used by back-end compilers):

  • nir: Allow qualifiers on copy_deref and image instructions
  • st/nir: fix arb fragment stage conversion
  • nir: don't return void
  • nir: remove explicit nir_intrinsic_index_flag values
  • nir: add access to image_deref intrinsics

SPIR-V: (simple binary intermediate language for graphical shaders and compute kernels)

  • spirv: Fix order of barriers in SpvOpControlBarrier
  • spirv: wrap push ssa/pointer values
  • spirv: propagate access qualifiers through ssa & pointer
  • spirv: don't discard access set by vtn_pointer_dereference


  • egl/drm: ensure the backing gbm is set before using it
  • egl: Quiet warning about front buffer rendering for pixmaps/pbuffers
  • egl: Make the 565 pbuffer-only config single buffered.
  • egl: Only expose 565 pbuffer configs if X can export them as DRI3 images
  • egl: Also query modifiers when exporting DMABuf


  • mesa: Fix ReadBuffers with pbuffers
  • freedreno: Fix data races with allocating/freeing struct ir3.
  • util: fix no-op macro (bad number of arguments)
  • gallium+mesa: fix tgsi_semantic array type
  • gallium/vl: fix compute tgsi shaders to not process undefined components
  • isl/formats: R8G8B8_UNORM_SRGB isn't supported on HSW
  • mesa: add glsl_type ref to one_time_init and decref to atexit
  • main: Fix memleaks in mesa_use_program
  • ac/nir: fix txf_ms with an offset


  • docs: add sha256 checksums for 19.1.3
  • docs: add release notes for 19.1.4

The source for 19.1.4 can be acquired from

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