Linux Foundation Announces "Climate Finance Foundation"

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The Linux foundation has announced a new "Climate Finance Foundation" subsidiary with the goal of providing asset managers and multi-national corporations with "AI-enhanced open source analytics and open data to address climate risk and opportunity". The new subsidiary's founding corporate members are Allianz, Amazon, Microsoft and S&P Global.

written by 林慧 (Wai Lin) 2020-09-05 - last edited 2020-09-06. © CC BY Climate-change-lightning.jpg

The new Linux Foundation Climate Finance Foundation ("LFCF") Linux Foundation subsidiary aims to provide "investors, banks, insurers, companies, governments, NGOs and academia with AI-enhanced open source analytics and open data" and encourage investment in "AI-enhanced" climate change analytics.

Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin promises that the new subsidiary will provide "technical leadership from many of the world’s leading financial institutions, multilateral organizations, academia, governments and NGOs".

The new LFCF organization has a planning team with members from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Ceres, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the founding corporate members Allianz, Amazon, Microsoft and S&P Global.

The new foundations first task is to develop a open source climate risk modeling platform for its investors "with the goal of enabling asset owners, asset managers and banks to manage climate risk and identify the climate-aligned companies, infrastructure, capital projects and technologies that will thrive in a low-carbon economy.". They have setup a WordPress-powered website hosted using the Apache web server at with information about that "Open Source Breakthrough for Climate-Smart Investing" project.

The Linux Foundations announcement can be read at New LF Climate Finance Foundation to Host Open Source Initiative to Address Climate Risk and Opportunity in Financial Sector.

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16 months ago
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Is the Linux Community as a whole finally admit that corporation + political pushing groups like Linux Foundation + Mozilla + Google/Youtube + Facebook,etc are in fact Global LEFT activist organizations and are working against Freedom, Truth and best intentions for Humanity + Linux Community

Its no longer about the positive + good about Linux/Linux Kernel or the Linux Community users

Global LEFT push's the following lies, scams while tax cattle funded + corporation funded:-

  • Feminism (Anti Population/Anti Marriage/Anti Male/Anti Traditionalism)
  • Communism (Anti Freedom)
  • Globalism (Anti Nationalism)
  • Climate hoax (Anti Science+truth+blaming citizens while offering no actual real solutions)

Often they show how evil. ill-moral and hate driven they are with the Anti White, Anti Whitism , Anti Nationalism and Anti Truth they infect, embed and propagate once gaining power via slow position replacement, they will eject anyone not complaint with their Global LEFT narrative

They are like soulless vampires leeching the energy , positive and well-being of all communities they touch and take over

They will always do the following:-

  • Speech codes
  • CoC
  • Strict Listen and comply or your ejected via its new blasphemy style laws
  • No free thinking , no debate , no rational discussion

Pro Freedom , Logical thinking ethnic Native Straight males are the enemy of the Global LEFT this is why they will always kick them out and replace them with emotional women, lower iq races and more compliant sleeple

Looking at the whole Climate Scam :-

Has anyone offered real solutions in ANY NATIONS , for example:-

  • Replace Tree Wood with Hemp+Bamboo for :- Wood , Paper, Takeaway cup/spoon/plates - NO
  • Replace Dug up Petrol with 100% Ethanol :- Model T ford ran on 4 fuel types including 100% ethanol,

which any town/district/state/nation can make from Sugar Cane or Corn - NOPE

  • Replace Solar Panels + Wind Turbines with :- Water Pressure Station , River Water Turbines, Artificial river/creeks, Compressed air
  • Unbanned the use of Thorium Nuclear + Salt passive cooling - NOPE
  • Changed min wage to 10 dollars per hour, removed GST/VAT , removed income tax, removed payroll tax and bought all

manufacturing+production back to all nations instead of relying on a single nation to produce everything outside food - NOPE

  • Replaced grid electricity powered trains with ethanol fuel trams and trains or even using electric trans with solar panel arrays - NOPE
  • Setup a proper in depth recycling program instead of diging a hole and hiding all the metal, plastic and non organic material underground - NOPE

These foundations, organizations and corporations need US, we don't need them If we stop supporting them, stop listening to them and stop giving them the authority they will waste their own funds if left along and stop being relevant

Regards Charliebrownau Gab @charliebrownau

Minds @charliebrownau
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