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Apache tips

Hide the PHP version in Apache from remote users requests

You can view the headers a web servers reported headers by doing telnet to port 80 and then asking for HEAD / HTTP/1.0

This will report too much information about your webserver. You can hide the PHP version by adding expose_php = Off to /etc/php.ini.

n00b quickguide to apache administration

You configure apache using plain text configuration files.

Howto restart apache after editing configuration files

apachectl configtest
  • apachectl (on some systems apache2ctl, same thing) allows you to control the apache httpd.
  • You really should run configtest after editing the files to make sure that the changes you made are valid. A broken configuration file will cause apache not to restart and thus cause damage and decrease your profit margins.
  • You can restart apache using /etc/init.d/httpd restart (on some systems /etc/init.d/apache2 restart). However, this will immediately close the webservers connections and perhaps upset people browsing your site and thus also decrease shareholder avlue. apachectl graceful spends slightly longer time restarting because current connections are not closed.

Problem solving

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