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Amazon is a multinational technology corporation based in Seattle, USA. They are well known for their cloud services and their web store. They also own several popular online services that are not branded with the Amazon name such as the Twitch streaming platform and the Internet Movie Database (IBDM).

Counterfeit Goods

The Amazon web store has long had a big problem with counterfeit goods being sold as real. Several buyers of computer products bought on the Amazon web store have found that what they got were forgeries[1].

IT giant Apple filed a lawsuit again Amazon in October 2016 alleging that Amazon was allowing third parties to use their platform to sell fake Apple products as genie[2]

Twitch Censorship

The Twitch streaming platform has become increasingly restrictive with that is and is not allowed on that platform after Amazon bought it fro $970 million USD in August 2012.

Amazon Polly

Amazon offers a text to speech service called Polly. It is one of the best commercial text to speech solutions. It is far superior to the free software Text to Speech synthesis software available natively on GNU/Linux platforms. Many of the Android "apps" featuring text to speech leverage the Amazon Polly API.

Web Traffic Analysis

Amazon has a subsidiary called Alexa that provides a completely useless web analytics product called Alexa Traffic Rank. It has nothing to with Amazon's Alexa "assistant" spy-devices.


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