Krita Announces Four Seasons of Leon and Kiki Drawing Contest

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The free software drawing program project Krita has announced a drawing contest. If you are good at drawing then you can draw a picture with Kiki and Leon and win a drawing tablet from Huion, who is sponsoring the contest. Huion does not offer any official GNU/Linux support for their tablets.

written by 윤채경 (Yoon Chae-kyung)  2021-02-02 - last edited 2021-02-02. © CC BY

Krita-5.0.0-prealpha 01.jpg
Krita version 5.0.0 pre-alpha

If you love to draw and you would like to win a Chinese Huion tablet then you may want to draw a picture of the Krita mascots Leon and Kiki with a background themed to one of the four seasons and submit it to the Krita drawing contest before April 14th, 2021. The official contest description is:

"Leon and Kiki are exploring their artistic path. By coincidence, Leon and Kiki met and traveled the art world together. From Spring to Winter, from valley to mountain. It’s a path mixed with sweetness and bitterness, and they are enjoying it. Maybe in the end, they will heading in different directions, so Leon and Kiki decided to draw this journey. Please pick one of your favorite seasons and draw Leon and Kiki’s journey."

You can use the excellent free software Krita drawing program, available for GNU/Linux, macOS and Windows, to create your artwork - but you do not have to, you can create your art any way you want as long as your work is original. You can draw on a piece of paper and scan it if that is what you prefer.

Free Brush Bundle

The Krita project has made the "Digital Atelier brush preset bundle" free "for all participants". You can fetch it using this link.

The Prizes

The contests lucky winner gets to take home a Huion Kamvas 22 tablet and a trophy. Second place gets a Huion Kamvas 16 tablet and third place gets a Huion Kamvas 12 tablet. The unlucky person who gets fourth place will win absolutely nothing while the contender who wins fifth place gets a Huion HS611 tablet and a "lucky" bag.

Huion, who sponsors the contest and provides prices, is a Chinese manufacturer of cheap drawing tablets. Four is pronounced very similarly to death in Cantonese. Four is therefore considered to be a very unlucky number and many buildings in China do not have a fourth floor for this reason. It is only natural that a Chinese-sponsored contest lacks a price for forth place.

Huion does not officially support GNU/Linux, only Windows and macOS are supported. It is possible to get some of their tablets working on GNU/Linux using the DIGImend kernel drivers. Many of their older tablets are listed as supported by DIGImend but the ones you can win in the Krita drawing contest are not listed as supported. The list of supported tablets on the DIGImend page is a bit outdated, so you may be able to use the Huion tablets they put up as contest prices working on GNU/Linux - but it isn't a sure thing.

You can find the contest rules and information about how to enter at the Krita website.

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