Krita 4.2.1 released

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The first minor bug-fix release for the best digital painting program comes just one week after the big 4.2-release. That version brought some real performance-improvements and many new features. This minor point release is just a bug-fix release. Most importantly, the undo-list is no longer allowed to grow indefinitely - something which cased Krita to become slow after longer painting-sessions.


Krita version 4.2.0 had some huge improvements. 4.2.1 is just a minor update to that major version. The full list of bug-fixes since the release of Krita 4.2.0 are:

  • Fix slowdown after a longer period of use (BUG:408255, BUG:408133)
  • Fix loading vector layers when the image name is not latin1 (BUG:408280)
  • Fix rectangular grid spacing limits incorrect after resizing canvas (BUG:408166)
  • Fix layer properties window draws on top of other application windows (BUG:408170)
  • Fix the posterize filter to use non-linear sRGB for computation
  • Allow the animation render to start at frame 0 at all times (BUG:408198)
  • Enable the Select Opaque actions for group layers (BUG:408236)
  • Check whether the drive still exists before creating a temporary directory for animation rendering (BUG:408246)
  • Prevent the user from deleting locked layers when pressing shift-del too quickly
  • Fix copying and duplicating vector layers (BUG:408028)
  • Fix Krita’s canvas being transparent on Linux when built against older versions of Qt (BUG:408225)
  • Fix possible small delays at the beginning of a stroke (BUG:408133)
  • Fix folding/unfolding when clicking on a layer thumbnail
  • Fix undo/redo when working with guides (patches by Summer of Code student Tusooa Zhu)
  • Fix reversed Python API guides lock/show states (BUG:408113)
  • Make the minimum size for brushes consistent through the application
  • Make the auto brush spacing precision values consistent (BUG:359453)
  • Improve selectioon behaviour on the layer docker (BUG:408002)
  • Fix macOS zoom and rotate icon getting stuck (BUG:404321)
  • Fix the vector stroke style propagating to other vector objects (BUG:407683)
  • Fix the Document Tools plugin (BUG:408146)
  • Fix the layer name being deselected when opening the layer name editor (BUG:400357)

Updated builds for Windows and an appimage for Linux can be found at the bottom of the release announcement which can be read at