Gnote 3.34.1 Is Released With Updated Documentation

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The latest release of the very simple GNOME-focused note taking application Gnote has updated documentation, more translations and it now works with lower versions of the spelling library gspell.

published 2019-11-24last edited 2019-11-24

Gnote is a very basic note taking application for GNOME - and it is only for GNOME.

The entire change-log since version 3.34.0 is really short since documentation and translation updates are the only differences between this and the previous version:

"New Features:

  • Added manual for Online Folder sync
  • Lowerer gspell requirement to 1.6


  • Updated translations: Basque (eu), Indonesian (id), Spanish (es), Swedish (sv)
  • Updated manuals: Lithuanian (lt), Polish (pl), Spanish (es)"
Gnote 3.34.1 change-log

Gnote has had support for synchronization against WebDAV for some time. The latest version has a helpful manual which explains how you enter a valid WebDAV url as well as a username and password into it's Preferences dialog. The gorgeous woman in the screenshot is Yeonjung from WJSN.

The new version is available from You will likely get it automatically if you are using a GNOME-focused distribution and you update sometime next week.

Lovelyz Kei ProTip.jpg
TIP: Gnote lacks any icon or right-click context menu for inserting special characters. However, the standard text-editing features of GTK 3.34.x are there. You can, for example, trigger GTK's "Insert Emoji" picker with the keyboard shortcut ctrl+. even though those standard GTK features are not indicated by icons or menus.

Gnote's homepage is at

Do note that Gnote is one of those GNOME-focused programs which do not play well with other desktop environments such as Xfce and LXQt. It's fine if you use GNOME and want a really basic note taking application. Alternatives like Zim are worth considering if you are using a non-toy desktop which wasn't designed for tablets/smart-TV's.

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