GNOME And KDE Are Merging To KNOME - The Next Generation Linux Desktop Environment

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Do you like the simplicity and lack of features GNOME offers yet you would also like the customization options and feature-richness KDE has? We have good news, KDE and GNOME are merging their desktop environments into KNOME! KDE+GNOME = KNOME, the future desktop environment for free software users.

written by 윤채경 (Yoon Chae-kyung)  2020-01-04 - last edited 2021-12-04. © CC BY

The KNOME desktop environment.

"A joint conference was only the beginning. KNOME, QTK3, KNOME Mobile, Lollyrok… the possibilities for shared development are now limitless"

Aleix Pol, president of KDE e.V. and a co-founder of Linux App Summit

"We see ending desktop fragmentation as the key to Linux success […] Feeling united and utterly bored in these hard times also contributed to our decision to merge the projects"

Neil McGovern, Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation

Fragmentation has long been a problem in the free software community. There are simply too many desktop environments to choose between. The KDE and GNOME projects have decided to address this problem by merging their desktop environments into KNOME so free software enthusiasts can have the best of both worlds.

"Users are entitled and the empowerment via the KNOME desktop environment powers environmentally that entitlement. The synergies between FLOSS communities provides empowered entitlement to user-powered environments through environmentally empowered desktops."

We have tested this new desktop environment and we are very pleased with the results of this merger between GNOME and KDE. The teams have done a wonderful job at merging them, creating a futuristic and very usable desktop environment for desktops, laptops and phones.

The initial version of KNOME is available for download.

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