Xfce Video Player Parole v1.0.5 Is Released

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The latest version of the rather simple Xfce video player Parole has working volume hotkeys when watching a video fullscreen and fixed thumbnail cleaning and creation. There's also translation updates. It is still using the GStreamer framework for video playback.

Parole is a simple media/video player for Xfce based on the GStreamer framework

The latest version of Parole does not have any ground-breaking changes. The complete list of changes since version 1.0.4 is very short:

  • Fix creation and cleanup of thumbnails (Xfce #16026)
  • Fix volume hotkeys in fullscreen (Xfce #16005)
  • Fix compiler warnings
  • Translation Updates: English (United Kingdom), Galician, Hebrew, Korean, Malay, Serbian, Slovenian, Thai

That's it, that's all that's new in the latest version of Parole. It still uses the gstreamer framework as a back-end for video playback the buttons are stil too small (like most programs made with GTK+3[1]). We asked Xfce developer Sean Davis about Parole's future and potential plans to fix those issues:

"Nope, no plans to support an alternative backend. The buttons are the same size as all other large toolbars, so if they're too small in Parole, they're too small outside of Parole."

Xfce developer Sean Davis on November 15th, 2019

Parole's website is at docs.xfce.org/apps/parole/ and the source for the new version is available at archive.xfce.org.


  1. GTK+3 allowed setting custom icon sizes up to version 3.10. GNOME developers thought that was too convenient and user-friendly for people with poor eye-sight or high-resolution monitors so they removed that option. GNOME mindset is that GTK's icon sizes should be hard-coded so they have the same amount of pixels on 720p and 4k monitors.