Wine 5.0.4 Is Released With 67 Bug-Fixes

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Wine 5.0.x is the "stable" branch of the Wine Is Not an Emulator API re-implementation that allows Windows software to be used on GNU/Linux operating systems. It is therefore nothing new in Wine 5.0.4, only bug-fixes for games and applications such as QIP Infium, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, Future Pinball, Stellaris, Dolphin EasyReader and many more. Ubuntu-users may rejoice.

written by 윤채경 (Yoon Chae-kyung)  2021-03-23 - last edited 2021-03-24. © CC BY

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The Windows game "Show", available on Steam, running on GNU/Linux using Steams "Proton" Wine-bundle.

The latest Wine version used by more up-to-date distributions is Wine 6.4 released earlier this month. Wine 6.x.y is technically a "development" branch not meant for end-users, though most use it anyway since it has more features and there are typically very few problems with using it.

Wine has a slightly confusing versioning system where Wine x.y (as in 6.4) would be a development version while x.0.y would be a bug-fix for a stable x.0 version (as in 6.0.1). Wine 5.0.4 is therefore a maintenance release for the older "stable" 5.0.x branch (6.0.x is the current stable) meant to be used by "stable", "stale", GNU/Linux distributions like Debian Buster. Debian Buster is, due to it being Debian, not using the 5.0.x Wine branch. Debian Buster features Wine 4.0 from January 2019 just to ensure that Debians version is so ancient that there's zero chance upstream will release any new fixes for it.

Ubuntu LTS, and distributions based on it, are currently shipping with Wine 5.0.x. The Wine 5.0.4 bug-fix release brings a whopping 67 game and application-specific bug-fixes to those Ubuntu users.


  • 18670 QIP Infium 2.0 build 9030 crashes on exit (needs a proper implementation of WSACleanup)
  • 21150 Memorex exPressit Label Design Studio 4.x crashes when creating a new project (ieframe "IOleObject::Advise" is a stub)
  • 22616 Multiple applications need msvcirt.dll.??0ifstream@@QAE@PBDHH@Z (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Power Tab Editor, gmax 1.2, GradeBook for Windows, Microsoft Reader)
  • 22749 Hard link creation from a Finddupe-generated batch file fails ("fsutil.exe" needs to support "hardlink create" command)
  • 28332 Wazzal 1.2 (2002 release) crashes after clicking "Play"
  • 30014 Multiple programs require msvcirt.dll.??0ifstream@@QAE@XZ (Wouxun KG-UV2D, Charon, Cricket 2002, Mastercook 15, GraphCalc)
  • 32613 Tom Clancy"s Rainbow Six: Lockdown crashes after the intro videos (needs DxDiag_SoundDevices device child nodes present)
  • 32877 Gnomoria Demo crashes on launch.
  • 33996 Multiple installers fail in VBScript custom actions due to missing support of Properties with Parameters (IncrediMail, LabChart Reader 8, Toad for MySQL Freeware 7.x)
  • 34770 Some WMI applications fail when incorrectly passing WBEM_MASK_CONDITION_ORIGIN to IWbemClassObject::GetNames method
  • 35744 LabChart Reader 8 installer ends prematurely (VBScript support for class default sub missing)
  • 35782 Tic Tac Toe Game (vbscript) cannot be played (colon used in for loop for placing multiple statements on the same line)
  • 38014 CCCP Insurgent v2007-01-01 crashes when querying system information via DxDiag
  • 38964 widl: inconsistent null pointer checks in typelib writer
  • 39731 Assassin"s Creed IV Black Flag crashes
  • 40430 Multiple NVIDIA installers abort due to failure to process xml config (PhysX 9.x, GeForce Now, GeForce Experience 3.x, RTX Voice)
  • 42731 stack overflow when .bat script variable has more than 256 characters
  • 44061 Destiny 2 crashes on launch (needs non-zero TimeDateStamp field in PE file header)
  • 44367 Multiple applications need d2d FillEllipse/DrawEllipse implementation (OP-X PRO II VST)
  • 44502 Epic Games Launcher (Fortnight 7.x) reports "Error: Initialization failed while advising the language notification sink to the TSF source. (0x80004001)" (unsupported ITfActiveLanguageProfileNotifySink)
  • 45400 eden* (VN) some font characters display with the wrong glyph (capitals/spaces)
  • 45797 NVIDIA GeForce Experience 3.x installer fails due to "mshtml.OleObject_{Get,Set}Extent" stubs
  • 46967 GOG Galaxy doesn"t run in virtual desktop
  • 47570 Builtin Split function not implemented (needed by FotoBizX Installer)
  • 48396 "cmd.exe /c move file1 file2" doesn"t respect non-interactive mode, causing prompt for overwrite if destination file exists
  • 48397 "cmd.exe /c move file1 file2" doesn"t overwrite existing destination file in non-interactive mode
  • 48529 Avencast: Rise of the Mage fails to launch
  • 48545 SDL GameControllerAddMapping registry keys do not work
  • 48860 RegiStax 6: mouse does not work in open file dialog
  • 48870 Aldi (Buhl) Steuer 2019/2020 installer crashes
  • 49143 RTF Editor does not support cyrillic letters using MS Sans Serif Font
  • 49172 Always true condition `code > 0xffff` in vbscript/global.c
  • 49309 vbscript:run test fails in Japanese locale
  • 49314 Wine segfaults with too many command-line arguments
  • 49335 Dolphin EasyReader for Windows 6.04 (TTS app) crashes after completing startup wizard (needs IMarkupServices::CreateMarkupPointer method implementation)
  • 49449 Terraria Mobile Server (.NET 4.x) crashes with System.NotImplementedException NATUPNPLib.IUPnPNAT.get_StaticPortMappingCollection()
  • 49450 Adobe Shockwave Player 11.x plugin installer fails with jscript:cc_parser_parse "&&" expression not implemented
  • 49575 Delphi applications no longer show their main window in the WM"s taskbar
  • 49591 Multiple GOG installers display the error message "Out of Global Vars range"
  • 49643 Calling ClipCursor too frequently can cause stack overflow in foreground window thread.
  • 49719 The Bat! v9.2.2.3: The 32bit version and the 64bit version crashed after startup
  • 49728 Appear (a 4K rendering demo) crashes on unimplemented function user32.dll.SetWindowFullScreenState
  • 49738 "warning: implicit declaration of function ‘strtoumax’" when compiling PuTTY with Winelib
  • 49774 macDriver no longer functions within macOS VM
  • 49805 Pyxel Edit crashes when clicking the "File" dropdown option.
  • 49806 WIDL doesn"t tolerate attribute [hidden] within enums.
  • 49808 Stellaris loads very slowly
  • 49811 cmd /c "cd "directory"&&"somecommand.exe"" tries to cd to "directory"&&"somecommand.exe"
  • 49820 VBScript fails to parse decimal literals between -1 and 1 without 0 in front
  • 49821 Seismobuild crashes at start
  • 49850 No One Lives Forever crashes due to GetMotif stub in dmstyle
  • 49857 NCLauncher2: Crypto error on a successful login
  • 49900 Go programs built using go-winio crash on unimplemented function ntdll.dll.RtlDefaultNpAcl
  • 49909 Win Toolkit v. (.NET 3.5 app) crashes with wine-mono
  • 49924 IP address control does not focus its fields on focus change
  • 49982 A "(call )" line does not reset %ERRORLEVEL% to 0
  • 50016 PS Remote Play can"t install: "To use PS Remote Play, update your PC"s OS to the latest version, and then install the Media Feature Pack from Microsoft."
  • 50031 The Foundation Game crashes with bundled ucrtbase
  • 50038 IWbemClassObject::Get method with wszName = NULL crashes inside wbemprox
  • 50049 Fallout 76 opens black screen then crashes on start
  • 50094 Rockstar Games Launcher installer hyperlinks don"t work
  • 50116 ODBC applications fail to create/configure system DSNs with builtin "odbccp32" (SQLConfigDataSource must remap ODBC_xxx_SYS_DSN values for ConfigDSN)
  • 50126 Writing VT_UI8 property type to a stream is not currently supported
  • 50153 HID doesn"t work on macOS Catalina and Big Sur unless "Input Monitoring" permission is granted
  • 50160 VstHost crashes on unimplemented function avrt.dll.AvSetMmMaxThreadCharacteristicsA
  • 50179 Future Pinball: parse_hex_literal invalid literal
  • 50373 Touhou Shinpiroku trial terminates immediately


The Wine 5.0.4 Changelog

You can expect that distributions using Wine 5.0.x, like Ubuntu, will have the new 5.0.4 bug-fix release available in their repositories within a week or so. The more bleeding-edge distributions are all using Wine 6.x which has better theming support, support for Korean Unified Hangul Code (UHC) and much more. Debian Buster won't get Wine 5.0.x ever since it is stuck with Wine 4.0 which hasn't seen a maintenance-release since 4.0.2 in August 2019.

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