The World Economic Forum Warns That 2021 Could Be The Year Of The CyberAttacks

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Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum and author of the book "COVID19: The Great Reset", has repeatedly warned about the possibility of devastating large-scale cyberattacks. One of his firmest warnings was given in a heartwarming speech at the WEF-sponsored Cyber Polygon event on July 24th, 2020. The World Economic Forum Centre for Cybersecurity expects the total cost of cyberattacks this year to be $6 trillion.

written by 윤채경 (Yoon Chae-kyung)  2021-03-01 - last edited 2021-04-04. © CC BY

Klaus Schwab at the Cyber Polygon event in July, 2020

"One of the most striking and exciting transformations caused by ze pandemic has been our transition to ze digital of everything, both in our professional but also in our personal lives. It has come in a very short time and technology has been central to ze way we have collectively managed all through ze covid 19 crisis. It still allowed us to interact on a personal basis, it still allowed us to a certain extent to maintain our business activities. But key was always ze infrastructure which made possible ze delivery of essential services, ze continuation of business and the maintenance also of social contacts, even in the most disruptive moments of ze plandemic.

Our reliance of digital services and infrastructure has exponentially increased due to the unprecedented connectivity which we have established now, from the adoption of large-scale working from home arrangements, to the use of cloud services, e-commerce, e-health, e-education.

Many tech-leaders have noted that within a couple of months, we archived such advancements in digital transformation that would have taken otherwise two, maybe three, maybe more years. This paradigm shift to digital has made the role of cyber-security as a global public good even more pronounced. It serves as an enabler for business continuity and the silver thread for our connectivity. Yet, as businesses and organizations are putting great efforts to serve ze customers, deliver essential services and protect ze employees a midst the pandemic cyber criminals have also been quick to exploit ze increase vulnerabilities and ze increased use that came along. The World Economic Forum recently published a COVID 19 risks outlook. The greatest concern for companies serveride is the increase of cyberattacks.

We all know, but still pay insufficient attention to ze frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack which would bring to a complete halt to ze power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole. Ze COVID19 crisis would be seen, in this respect, as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyber attack.

We have to ask ourselves in such a situation, how could we let this happen?"

Klaus Schwab at the Cyber Polygon event on July 24th, 2020

The complete nearly 5 hour long life-stream of the Cyber Polygon 2020 event is available at YouTube. You can learn how to participate in this years Cyber Polygon event on July 9th at

The World Economic Forum Centre for Cybersecurity recently stated that they expect 2021 to be a year with many severe cyber-attacks. They estimate that these attacks will have a cost of six trillion dollars.

Running up-to-date free software based solutions such as Linux and *BSD is a good preventative measure against real cyberattacks. It will, sadly, not do much difference if a government decides to cut power or Internet access as part of a global "Great Reset" agenda or because inconvenient mass-demonstrations break out.

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one month ago
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I wouldn't put it past the World Economic Fascists to be the ones perpetrating the cyberattacks.

Anonymous user #1

26 days ago
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EMP are cheap to make and would turn everything upside down immediately. without power food would be scarce within a few days. depending how long it took for the power to regain, millions would be dead.
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