Per-Process Bandwidth Monitor Bandwhich 0.10.0 Is Released

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Bandwidth is a different kind of cli bandwidth monitoring tool for Linux and macOS written in Rust. It can show per-process and per-connection bandwidth usa by matching traffic to processes using /proc (or lsof on macOS). It has been in development since November 2019. The latest release adds IPv6 support and the ability to choose what tables are shown in the interface.

written by 林慧 (Wai Lin) 2020-01-22 - last edited 2020-01-22. © CC BY

bandwhich v0.10.0 started with -a -c.

Bandwhich can show bandwidth and connections by process, connection or address depending on the font size and the window size it is running in. Reducing the window reduces the amount of information shown. The latest version has three new command-line switches which allow you to decide what panes it should show. These are:

-a or --addresses Only show address table
-c or --connections Only show network connections
-p or --processes Only show the process table (default)

Those switches can be combined if you want two of the three available panes to be shown.

Bandwhich 0.10.0 adds support for IPv6 connections. There is also a macOS-specific fix for VPN connections in this release.

Bandwhich 0.10.0 works well on regular network interfaces but it does have accuracy issues with bridged and bonded interfaces.

The latest release is available from the bandwhich GitHub releases page. You will likely want to read the installation instructions on its main GitHub page where packages and build instructions for Arch, NixOS, Void, Fedora and macOS are listed.

See our bandwhich page for a more in-depth overview of its capabilities.

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