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Linux From Scratch is a book describing how to install a Linux system from scratch using any GNU/Linux system as a host. The first LFS version, written by Gerard Beekmans, was published in December 1999. The current LFS maintainer Bruce Dubbs has just released LFS 10.0 along with a new edition of Beyond Linux From Scratch (BLFS).

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Linux 5.9 rc3 compiling.

The Linux From Scratch book, freely available at under the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 2.0 license, lets you piece together and install your own GNU/Linux distribution from source. You do need to have an existing GNU/Linux distribution ("host system") you can use to build your very own Linux system.

The latest 10.0 edition of the Linux From Scratch book has "undergone a major reorganization".

"It uses enhanced cross-compilation techniques and an environment isolated from the host system to build tools for the final system. This reduces both the chance for changing the the host system and the potential of the host system influencing the LFS build process.

Major package updates include toolchain versions glibc-2.32, gccc-10.2.0, and binutils-2.35. In total, 37 packages were updated since the last release. The Linux kernel has also been updated to version 5.8.3."

The latest edition is also available in a systemd edition (LFS systemd) for those who want the more advanced system administration features that init system offers. The regular LFS book describes how to use and install the simpler and more traditional System V init system.

The Linux From Scratch book can be read online or downloaded if you prefer to have a local copy. The complimentary Beyond Linux From Scratch has also been updated. It describes how you can install a broad range of software on top of an already installed LFS Linux system. It too is available in BLFS System V and BLFS systemd editions.

The Linux From Scratch and Beyond Linux From Scratch books are not for everyone, compiling and configuring a Linux system from scratch is very time-consuming. The books are absolutely worth a look if you have the free time and you want to learn a whole lot about how Linux operating systems work beneath the hood.

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LFS is one of the the best time killers I've tried.
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