KDE Plasma 5.22 Will Feature Adaptive Transparency

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The KDE Plasma desktop will have three new opacity settings for the panels starting with the upcoming 5.22 release: Adaptive, Opaque and Translucent.

written by 권유리 (Kwon Yu-ri)  2020-03-07 - last edited 2021-03-07. © CC BY

Video by Niccolò Ve. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

The next KDE release will have a three transparency options: Adaptive, Opaque and Translucent. The new Adaptive will make the panel Opaque only when a window is maximized and transparent when there are no maximized windows.

Theme authors can add a new Opaque option for configuring the new functionality by adding


to some "meta-data file". Nobody from the KDE project where able to clarify which specific theme-file this would be.

Selective transparency is on by default for all users unless the active theme overrides it.

The new panel transparency settings may be specially as an alternative to KDE Plasma users who would like to automatically hide their panels since that feature has been broken, and specially broken when the KDE window manager kwin is configured with HideUtilityWindowsForInactive=false, several decades.

KDE Plasma 5.21.0 was released on February 16th with a 5.21.2 point release follwoing on March 2nd, 2021. The KDE project has a tendency to release new major KDE Plasma versions every four months (5.19 in June 2020, 5.20 in October 2020 and 5.21 in February 2021). KDE Plasma 5.22.0 should become available in July 2021 if history can be used as a guide.

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