Ice Window Manager 1.5.5 released

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 Another minor point release in the 1.5.x branch of the IceWM window-manager is released. A few updated translation files is the only change since version 1.5.4 so there's not very much to get excited about if you are using the development-branch.

For those unfamiliar with IceWM: It is a mature Window-Manager which has been in development since 1997. It does have some features which go beyond pure window-manager such as a system dock and a panel. This is what IceWM v1.5.4 running a few normal programs you're average person would use looks like on Gentoo Linux:


The changes between 1.5.x and the stable 1.4.x branch included in distributions like OpenSUSE 15.1 are quite significant.

You can find a list of these changes over at the website where you can also find the 1.5.5 release. Development is currently happening at in case you would like to pull the very latest code.