Honorary Doctor Richard Stallman to do Speaking Tour in Russia

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The father of the free software movement will be speaking at the TechTrain Expo in Saint Petersburg on August 24-25. He will then proceed to Moscow and speak at an undisclosed location connected to the Moscow Polytechnic University. Admission to the TechTrain Expo requires a ticket, admission to his talk in Moscow will be free of charge.

Rare Stallman waving hands Concordia.jpg

Honorary Doctor Richard Stallmans talks are typically free to attend but this is not the case with the TechTrain Expo appearance. Entry to the TechTrain Expo requires a ticket and those cost between 1800 and 14400₽. The Expo is held August 24th to August 25th.

Richard Stallman will then proceed to Moscow. The exact time and place for his talk in Moscow is not yet disclosed. The FSF has announced that it will be at Moscow Polytechnic University in one of the days following the TechTrain Expo.