GNU Midnight Commander 4.8.23 is out

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The GNU project has very quietly released a new version 4.8.23 of the best and most efficient terminal file manager ever conceived. A 10 year old bug concerning hotkeys has been fixed, file tree removal is faster and there's also improvements to it's built-in editor.

The latest release of this 25 year old file-manager happened on June 23, just over one week ago. The GNU project were awfully quiet about this release, they just put it out there and told no-one. None the wiser. However, a close-up inspection of reveals that there has been a new release and that there are some small improvements since the last release six months ago.


Bug #212, opened in 2009, has been fixed in MC 4.8.23. It is now possible to manually set a key-binding for the menu. There's also speed-ups to eradication of large directory structures. Just how much faster huge directory trees are removed will obviously depend on the underlying file-system.

GNU Midnight Commanders editor, which can also be used stand-alone by running mcedit, has gotten improved syntax highlighting.

The source for version 4.8.23 is available from

GNU Midnight Commander uses the standard old-school ./ && ./configure && make build system.