GNOME Board Members Must Resign In Disgrace

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The current leadership of the GNOME Foundation has shown itself to be a dangerous and divisive force in the free and open source software communities. I urge the GNOME community and the greater free software and open source communities to call for the immediate removal of the entire Board of the GNOME Foundation, who have flagrantly violated their own Code of Conduct and enabled others within the GNOME community to do so.

Original story by "DistroTube". Published 2021-04-04, Originally published 2021-03-26.
This work is available under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license.





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Anonymous user #1

12 days ago
Score 0++
Link to the open letter not working

Anonymous user #3

12 days ago
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strip off the extra symbol(s) after the last / so,


Anonymous user #2

12 days ago
Score 0++
I appreciated how effectively he hangs the GNOME board with their own CoC. Though I doubt that will change the minds of these raging hypocrites.

Anonymous user #3

12 days ago
Score 0++

I don't quite agree with some of the equivalences and comparisons he points at but in general that's about the same as how I feel about Ehmke: "transphobic maintainer should be removed from project" is basically bullying, especially if/when the project lead agrees and removes the maintainer. This browser red-underlines "transphobic" because it's not in the dictionary file yet. I suppose I will just enjoy that while it lasts.

I also don't see the word 'forgive' anywhere on the original letter, and I strongly disagree with the way he puffs up and calls for "no forgiveness". He who forgives will be forgiven. He who shows mercy will find mercy. He who leads into captivity will be taken into captivity. He who kills with the sword will be killed with the sword. If this guy had the moral high ground at any time, he abandoned it before his video ended.

"much of their energy these days is spent on trying to tear people down rather than building software"

I disagree. Much of their energy these days is spent on pissing on traditional design, blowing out time-honored UX strategies and basic desktop computer / WIMP functionality, telling users what users are supposed to want, pretending GNOME users are the primary legitimate Linux users, using as a sort of mouthpiece for GNOMEish design ideals, telling people that how Wayland works is how GNOME wants it to work, killing the best GTK (2) and promising that no newer GTK will never be as predictable or stable or usable as that one was, cheerfully being wrong about things in the name of being right and not caring about the difference. Probably more.

I FINALLY found out why sometimes the GTK3 scrollbars will move at like 5% of the speed I expected: I dragged very slowly at first, and it kicked into hyper-precise mode, which is not useful to me, ever. Having to go find out whether I can disable it at all (without digging in, patching, and recompiling!) is actually a lot like digging in, patching, and recompiling: a PITA that I didn't *need*. I'm glad Firefox & spin-offs have prevented it somehow from affecting web pages, but it still catches me when a standard Open or Save dialog is showing. It seemed like a bug and I only figured out it was a deliberate "feature" when I finally reproduced it reliably, by accident. Have I mentioned that I don't like GTK3?

Anonymous user #4

9 days ago
Score 0++
["Zionist walked into Gnome foundation to break down a perceived threat to their ideology."]
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